The Cookie Lady

Sunny California, oh yes, been raining for the past four days.  I stand at the window looking out over the parking lot of 113 W. 3rd st. 

I wish it was quitting time, but, it's only 11:45..  The brown bag sat on my desk, a sandwich, an orange, juice.  I was bored, I wanted to get out and sit in the park.

The office made me feel stifled, tall buildings stretched up into the air, made me dizzy, I needed the outside, open space, fresh air, well, as fresh as it could be for the big city.

I stood there, wishing, hoping..

She walked out from under the window.  She had a long green coat, a little green hat on her head and she pushed what looked like a food cart.  As she shuffled along, people passed her by, rushed and annoyed with the rain.

She stopped all of a sudden and looked up at the window.  I swear, she looked right at me, one hand went into the air and she beckoned me to come down.. 

One rainy day in California, I spent the afternoon with a lady that sold cookies.  We sat in the park, she told me many stories of her life in the city, her loves, her hurts, her sadness, her happiness,  then we,  each of us,  retreated to our own little world.   We balanced an umbrella between us and just enjoyed the rain.  Around us, the sound of midday traffic in the big city hubbed and buzzed. 

That day, nibbling on cookies with the Cookie Lady,  I realized, being in the city, didn't make you a part of it, I knew that day, I loved my rural life.

The End

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