First Sight

His name was Jacob, Jake to his friends, had he any. He could have been any age between twenty-three and thirty-three. He was a quiet man, plain and unremarkable in the sea of faces that flooded the City in waves from dusk till dawn.


Today was just another day to Jacob, it started in the normal way, getting up and getting ready for work. The early morning commute, before light proper had lit the sky, when the alien pinks, blues, greens and reds of the neon made the waking world seem like the last vestiges of a dream or an acid trip. His morning coffee had washed down his morning pastry, just like every other day, before he plugged in his earphones and jacked the music up, ready to climb aboard his lofty perch and spend another day staring at his own reflection.


For three years Jacob had stared back at his own reflection, with the only sound he heard all day being his own choice of rocking tunes, and the faint sound of the traffic from below. No one ever spoke to Jacob, because no one ever noticed he was there.


Until today, when the guy in the suit and the lost eyes, from the offices upstairs no doubt leaned up against his platform and cast a smile at Jacobs upturned face.

The End

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