City Not Resting

Things move strangely in the City - my most well known - really only - city and childhood home.

I like mostly about my City:

River-statues, bridge-walking, coffee-talking and tea.

My most excellent friends and me.

Jolly good company 'round pitcher or pint.

'Round books, benches, beds. Staying in and Benson 'n hedges.

This going to and fro, City bustling - it's exhausting.

I like my City resting in my airspace-at my place.

Only now the City isn't resting - the City is encircled and surrounded - momentarily grounded.

Harboring in a multitude of misunderstandings oh those familiar familial ships - they make it so easy!

sometimes slipping downtown - my Cities heart - 'maybe you'll find some little place you can go to where they never close'

what comfort there in a heart! Only the City and I are not at rest - encircled - surrounded - hounded!

But "you may find somebody kind to help and understand you - someone who is just like you - and needs a gentle hand to guide them along"



*Downtown - Petula Clark

*I don't like B&H's - it just rhymed - I like No.7 - cuz I'm cheap

The End

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