Chapter Two (Part Three- Of Battles and Boxes)

Saracen could see the Centaurs village above him at the top of a steep hill.  He was about to take his first step on the hoof flatten track when his phone shrieked in his pocket.  Swiftly he put the phone to his ear and then was silently listening to whatever monologue was being delivered from the other side.  The wind in the glade around the trio was not enough to carry the words that placed so anxious a track upon Saracen's face.

When the call was ended both BAlthazar and Hermione looked severely expectantly into his face as he set down his weapons and pack and sat down rubbing his chin.

"Hermione, how much loyalty can you muster from these creatures?"  HIs first question was alarmingly unexpected, yet comfortable received.  At last something was expected to happen, something that would lead her back to her mother and perhaps her father.

"I could have them eating out of my hands even if I was holding a bunch of deadly nightshade why?"  Balthazar chuckled inwardly at Hermiones answer.

"BEcause we are going to need warriors.  We are going to need them at your home within sixteen hours."  Saracen sighed.

"So we have a plan then?"  Balthazar asked.

"We have a plan," was the reply.

The End

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