From Titivillus 'compendium of notable events':

Regarding Belial,

The mysery enveloping this enigmatic Master Demon of Lies is exactly his abilities gained to earn him such a vicious and illustrious title.  Having spent almost the entire century following the heavy footsteps of my subject I believe this to be an evil title begotten from his uncanny ability to detect untruths and deliver clever deception in equal measure.

He strikes me as an entity that would lap up every scrap of decadence offered him by the position with Jehovah that he was dealt, yet he didn't.  For all his violent sado-masochism he beholds a depth uncommon amongst his kin.  His ability to love and be loved, to worry and care without question contrast starkly the Demon who loves to torture lesser beings.

This lead me to the conclusion that his negative traits are a mere facade.  A higher level testosterone charade played to out-manouevre any inquisitors, second guessing himself at all times.  His tactical deliverance in the battle of Limbo suggest he simply intended to keep as many of his acolytes and warriors alive.

A ruthless warrior klling mercilessly those that opposed him throughout the entire three day battle seemed little more than a part that he decided to play, for a short time later he was seen cradling his beautiful baby girl with a tenderness in his eyes akin to that of a human mother with her first newborn daughter.  His face portayed a fragility juxtaposed to the humanoid figure that growled and screamed in bloodlust a mere few days prior to this moment.

I would have interrupted, but his enigma touched me in a way that I can only explain in a formal analytical manner.  It seems he feels as though he is expected to be cold and without compassion.  But as in all beings with breath in their lungs, sooner or later the true colours of their aura will shine through.

When his only love betrayed him with a lesser underworld serpent his heart could almost literally be heard to break across the universe.  His heavy steps away from the only hope of normality since then have never been tread lightly.  From most demonic knowledge he simply dissapeared.

I caught him once sitting in a very human fashion with a set of headphones in.  A small machine was delivering him sounds into his mind with meaning that only he could comprehend.  I watched him  mouth the words 'I want a perfect body.  I want a perfect soul.' Silently into the ether around him.

Once again I was aptivated by his normality.  I ws left there only to hope that he would eventually win out over Gabriel, just so he could grasp a wisp of normality for the rest of his existence.  But sadly I think this is not so.

Maybe for the first time I am wrong.


The End

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