Chapter 43 (PArt Two - Toward Persephone)

A few weeks ago Persephone had opened the door to a ragged stranger a woman who had introduced herself as Moebius and informed her that she had information regarding Belial.  She had nothing except a small bag and a piece of parchment stained crimson with blood.

The night was cruelly tempestuous, thunder cracked and rolled angrily in the air around the keep so PErsephone invited the woman in for warmth.  They sat in the lavish halls surounded by Persephones very crefully articulated shrine to serendipity as Moebius unfolded the future before her.

A languid lengthy story about Belial and how he has become a shining vivid hope in the ending of all hypocrisy and terror leaking out across the dimensions, all seeped like a virus by Jehovah himself.  Many memories of Belial warring and fighting for a small piece of freedom that his people had wished for and fought for through many ages.

A flutter of love tapped lightly at her heart as she listened to the old womans cracked tales of banishment and chivalry, amid a distinguishably bitter and sorrowful tone. It was clear that this woman had no ove for Belial, but sympathised with the caused to which he was gathering up arms and charging toward like a bull.  Persephone had always felt the exact reverse of this and began to become impatient.

It was then she was presented with the parchment.  A decree if you will, one ordering Persephone and Hermione's execution to place Hera on the throne of this region of the underworld.  A waspish flame wrapped her stomach as she read the names signing the decree below the heinous letters  The names clearly printed Zeus, Hades and Jehovah.

So Belials meanderings and hateful suspicions had come true.  The olympians were sympathetic to Jehovah and were now letting him reachhis bony hands into Hades' dominion and were beginning to grasp it like it was merely a pile of sand.

What had Jehovah offered Zeus?  Glory?  A place beside him at the table of tables, to help him govern which JEhovah was silently corrupting from his bulky throne away in the heavens?  None of which were satisfying or understandable, but then Zeus never seemed to have reason or structure.

He preferred destruction and chaos.

Moebius begn the tale of the future.  HAdes and Zeus were to ride to her keep and take root there in the next few days and she was bidden to disguise herself and seek Belial's coming, for he would be here soon.  He would tread the cobbles of the town, ad the stones of the floor like the lord of the keep that once he was.

The following day after the hags departure Persephone readied herself to leave.  As she adorned her coat and asked for a centaur to collect her she heard the fanfare signalling the approach of Hades and Zeus.  She had but one option.

In her haste to hide she sent Hermione away with clear instructions to contact the two Harpy guards that owe PErsephone their lives and existence.  Since the defending of their community was successful against the marauding minotaurs three years back, the beasts had been kind and loyal to her word, so her trust was set in stone.

From the back tower of the keep she watched as HAdes and Zeus hid their troops in thickets of trees at the edge of the forest to the rear of the keep.  IT was then she ran to her chamber.

Despite all the bluster, pomp and piety that Zeus bought with him, PErsephone had loyal friends amongst the servants within her keep.  They gave her information as to what was happening, they brought her raw food for her to prepare, all at risk to their own lives.

From this she learned that Zeus had hidden his army in the forest in case of an attack.  If Persephone and her centaurs decided to attack the keep she would be trapped as his armies swarmed in behind her and forced her in to the bottle neck of the courtyard.  Any attack from the front would be fruitless and tragic. She also learned of the reason behind the decree.

It seemed that HEra was given nothing from their PArents demise as Zeus and Hades had pretty much commanded it all.  Jehovah had planted the seed of injustice in the minds of Zeus and HAdes to help them in the decision of taking out the one link to the Demons that the Underworld had.

Persephone was never trusted.  He love and links to Belial had placed her in danger, as did the very existence of Hermione.  She prayed silently to the empty void around her for her daughters safety, assured only by the words of a ragged old woman.

"Belial will find you, and Belial will need you to fill his goal."  The woman had handed her a second scroll.  This contained a map to the hidden catacombs outside the citadel of HAdes.

This showed Pandoras BOx.

The End

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