Chapter 41 - (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Garbiels day had been very interesting indeed.  He had driven to a club in Nottingham that Jehovah owned and met the six warriors that were sent to him.  They all then proceeded to enter the clubs portal back to Heaven.  Two more portal jumps and they were standing in a glade that had been occupied by both Belial and Saracen previously over the last few days.

He knew he was a day behind Saracen and anywhere up to four days behind Belial, but he was on his way to finding them.  The six warriors he brought with him were all of his order.  All of them proficient with both sword and bow but his prized recruit was Simon.

Simon was a hunter and thus could track almost any quarry up to a week after their passing.  He was a well built black skinned angel with shaved head and a large bushy beard.  Simon was quiet but strong, reputedly he had killed an ox with his won bear hands to feed his family before he joined Gabriels order.

It was about half an hour before Simon found the signs he was looking for.  Two men had headed in a straight direction following the midday sun toward the citadel of Hades less than twenty hours previously.  He was closer than he thought.

Although this news was good, his anger was simmering below his pale skin.  Moebius had failed to reveal any information regarding the destination or whereabouts of Belial. Although it was obvious she knew where they were she kept rambling on about the code she must abide by, neither favouring one or the other factions in the blah de blah de blah.  He payed for her assistance by breaking her nose.

Gabriel was still not one hundered percent sure of why Belial would have returned to Hades after so long an exile.  He did fear that the knowledge of the objects of power was now owned by the Condemned Fallen, but there was little evidence to that end.  It may simply be that he decided to return home to his family, and the daughter that so few knew anything about.

SImon finally picked up the scent and they were off.

The End

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