Chapter 39 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Saracen and Balthazar sat around a dimming fire wrapt by Hermiones tale.  For most of the day she had kept her own counsel whilst Saracen and Balthazar recuperated from the fight with the HArpies.

As evening crept slowly over them like a thickly veiled shadow, turning the luscious green of the forest into a heavy quivering indigo, they finally decided to stop.

Hermione had followed them for a short while not diversing her destination or her reasoning to be walking alone with Harpies following her, but quickly hunted rabbits and proceeded to cook them on a makeshift spit.

It was after much badgering that Saracen finally pushed her into her story.  The beautiful maiden spoke uninterrupted ploughing into a terrible, yet fanciful yarn of how her mother had managed to cause trouble for herself by trying to contact the Girls father.

It seemed that not long ago a stout woman, ugly and sinsiter with an abrupt yet slightly mystical attitude had come to visit her mother.  After an hour of deliberating in an unknown conversation the woman left and jer mother began tutoring her in the ways of her father.

She spoke of war and bravery,a sturdy man designing his whole life around an effort to create peace between realms and amongst all that revolved in a vast universe of lies and trickery.  In three days she had learnt a lot of her fathers tales, but was curious to meet the man, the outsider who was clearly not of Olympian stock, but then was no dweller of the Netherworld.

It was then she pleaded with her mother to contact the father and have him meet them somewhere.  Despite her mothers many claims that this would cause more than a great pain upon her if she were so discovered bringing an exile from another world so willingly into her bosom, HErmione was stubborn and determined (traits she were told belonged to her father) and had worn her mother down.

The details of why this placed her mother in featr of her life are unclear but it is clear that her mother is hiding in her home from oppressors of somekind. 

Hermione was ushered from the house in secret and given a route to take to find her father before he reached their home.  The father had not yet been found as Hermione knew not whether her mother was still hiding or had been found.

Hermione only had a name to go on whilst looking for a man she should love but had never met.

His name was Belial.

The End

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