Chapter 35 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Gabriel had placed his phone call and got the address he needed.  It always made Gabriel smile that even amongst the most defiant people, there were souls that still came for a price. 

He was unsurprised to find that Belials house door was unlocked, he was also unsurprised to find it spotlessly clean.  As he strode from room to room his frustration started to boil.  There was no dust here, this meant someone had been here recently, but they were so careful that there was no evidence left for him to follow them.

He was about to leave the house empty handed when he noticed the eye.

It had fallen from the wall and lay almost disguised on the stairs.  The sticky side had attached it to the sole of Gabriels foot and was only discovered through a comical happenstance.  The smooth side caused Gabriel to lose his footing as the slid ferociously from underneath him forcing him into an awkward backflip down the stairs.

As Gabriel sat nursing a bruised ego at the bottom of the stairs, he removed the sticker and immediately saw the relevance.

He had faced Belial once holding a small sword witht his emblem placed at the bottom of the hilt.  The eye was Belial's symbol in the Greek Netherworld.  BUt why would he be there?

But it all became apparently clear, the Netherworld only held one thing that denoted so much focus and planning. 

Gabriel picked up his phone.

The End

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