Chapter 34 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Balthazar sat stonily silent in Moebius' spartan Living quarters as he awaited Saracens return.  His orders were simple, stay here and wait whilst Saracen fetches his effects.

Moebius large face seemed to be boiling with an emotion only known to her, her task to ensure Balthazar remained there was not a hard one to follow.  It occurred to him that he had two choices, wait here bloody and bleeding for Saracen to collect him, or run out bloody and bleeding to Gabriel.

Te second thought was not one he relished.  But here he was, an undignified overlord of Hell, sat like a crimson teddy bear in MOebius' living quarters.  Where did it all go wrong?  He should have had everything under control, he should be ruling in tranquility and have order beneath his mighty heel, not simpering like a disobedient puppy in the care of a fat, ugly human.

Although it was only minutes, it felt like Saracen's return had been an era in coming.  But the frighteningly controlled warrior was here again with Balthazars' sword, shield, greaves and pauldrons.  Balthazar's terrifying assumption of death was quelled when Saracen placed the items next to him and knelt before him.

"There was once a time Balthazar when your skills as a warrior were widely feared.  A time when you used to fight under the banner of all Demonkind.  There was a time when you were respected and revered as a hero amongst all the demons, not the cowering freak that sits before me.  You have wronged us, but I give you the opportunity to make amends."  Saracens voice was soft and sincere.

"What would you have me do?"  Balthazar gazaed upon Saracens face looking for a trick.

"I will tell you what I know.  But if you betray us all again I will make sure that your death is slow and that everyone knows exactly what sort of ruler you really are."  Saracen proffered the hilt of Balthazars sword to the Demon.

"I will listen and honour the Demon kind with my confidence."  Balthazar took the sword from Saracen and held the sheathed weapon with wide arms.

"I found Belials' photograph and the picture of the green eye that once adorned his Falchion in the battle for Limbo.  I believe that Belial is seeking the five objects of etrnal power that will end the war.  I believe that he is in Hades attempting to recover the box.  What I would have you do is accompany me to assist him.

"You have awoken and alerted his prophecised enemy and without his help I fear that he will fail.  Failure means that Gabriel will have Pandoras box and our last hope of ending the conflict will fail.  I would have you follow me and fight alongside me in Hades.  What say you?"  Saracens eyes widened at Balthazars agreement.

The End

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