Chapter 33 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Zeus had met the trio in a corridor and Belial spoke to him alone, a few feet away from Emannuelle and Greaves.

Try as she might, she understood little of the conversation, cathcing the odd animated word.  Judging by Zeus' smirk and Belials countenance the conversation was going the way of the Olympian.  She watched as Belial turned red faced toward the pair as Zeus finished " not try to see her.  You are still forbidden."

As the strong Olympian tramped heavily away from them Belial rejoined the group with a lemon sour grimace on his face.  A trick of the light gave Emannuelle the impression that there was a tear clinging to the corner of his oval eyes, but a second glance confirmed her folly.

"We have access to the entire keep, but certain rooms can only be accessed at certain times due to an imposing order placed on me."  There was a wounded gruffness to Belial's tone that unnerved Emannuelle.

"Would we not be better splitting up?"  She asked simply.

"Doubtful, I think we need Greaves care for attention and detail at all times.  PLus, if any of his theories have substance it may just come to pass that he will need a warrior.  We stay together I can guide us."  Belial's face hardened into a focussed grimace.

"There is a room that must be checked immediately otherwise we wont get the chance until tomorrow night.  I would hate to linger here amongst the bad memories longer than I would have to."  Said Belial.

Belial led them through a rather ornately gothic set of corridors and up three flights of stairs to another similarly decorated black and red corridor. 

The carpet was soft under the feet of the trio, their numerous footfalls silent beneath them until they reached a door.  It struck Emannuelle as odd when Belial knocked the door to confirm it was unoccupied.  This was almost as odd as the heavy sigh he released when the door didn't open.

Belial opened the door to a large bedroom decorated obviously for a young female.  A large four-poster bed stood prominently to their right adorned with a pink lace curtain, barely disguising the fluffy pink spread behind it.

White and pink wooden furniture circumnavigated the room and a soft lamp provided ambient light.  Belial strode to a chest of drawers and picked up a soft pegasus shaped toy, he inspected it slowly and then placed it back in the same position that it was found.

"Why does this room pain you so?"  Greaves asked.

"Because of who occupies it.  A young girl by the name of Hermione sleeps here.  A young girl who I am not allowed to talk to, or confront in anyway.  A beautiful young girl whose photograph rarely leaves me.  My beautiful young daughter."

The End

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