Chapter 32 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

The problem with demons, Gabriel surmisedm was that they died too quickly and said too little.  Beleth had given him nothing but agonizing and frustrating sarcasm until his last breath.  Gabriel would have tortured him for days, if it weren't for the fact dragging Beleth through a bustling town centre dripping blood, may just have raised a few eyebrows/

He straightened himself and smoothed his crimson spattered tunic and walked over to the watchmans hut where he had left Balthazar.  The new overlord of Hell had proved useful to a point so far, but slowly Gabriels patience with his bumbling, spastic manner was waning. 

A roar escaped his chest as he saw that the office was empty.  Evidently Balthazar was of no more use to him.  Another name on the list of people to despatch.  Balthazar could wait for his judgment, it was more important to intercept Belial.

Gabriel knew that Belial never acted lightly, his movements denoted a stringent purpose, and if Gabriel knew Belial, which he quite obviously did, then Belial would be focussing on something important.  Gabriel also suspected that Saracen knew something, he guessed that he had found evidence of Belial.

So first things first.  Where would Belial have rested after their fight?  Would he still be with the pair of angels that led him to them?  What motive would Belial have, aside from the prophecy of course, to evade Gabriel?

Racking his brains Gabriel remembered Belial had a domicile in a nearby town.  First he would need a car, and then he would need to get the address.  He knew how to do both.

After limply wiping his sword he planted it in the sheath and moved to a silver Peugeot and began trying to open the door.

The End

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