Chapter 31 (PArt Two - Toward Persephone)

Belial, Emanuelle and Greaves washed and bathed and were sat in Belials old training room.  The room that once was adorned with various weaponry had been converted in to a small library.  This amused Belial as he had never once seen Persephone read so much as a shopping list.

Much had changed here, the desk stood proudly and grandly in the corner of the large rectangular room.  Many intimately carved bookcases lined the walls, and a large rug depicting the battle of troy was spread lazily across the centre of the room.

Persephone's new love must be a great scholar, or at least fancy himself as one.  The high ceiling still burned with the same ornate chandelier, the only reminder of Belials time here.  Belial looked down at the falchion he had taken from the room in which the trio had met with Hades and Zeus.

Emanuelle was unabashedly towelling her beautiful naked body with a plump scarlet towel.  Greaves was sat at the desk writing notes on a large piece of paper.

Belial was trying not to notice the creamy pallour of Emanuelles slight frame dancing enticingly before him.  He wondered how long it had been since he had lain with a female.  He wondered if he still knew what to do with a female, he wondered a lot of things unsavoury and not expressable.

"Belial something is bothering me."  Emanuelles voice fell like a soft dew drop on his ears.  Belial looked up inquisitively, silently relieved that she was dressing again.  He instantly recognised the short scarlet dress as that of Persephone's cocktail dress.

"Is it a mosquito?"  Belial inwardly cringed at his own poor attempt at humour.

"What you said to Zeus about him having his share of the universe.  Tell me that was a ploy to get what you want please."  As Emannuelle spoke Greaves stopped writing and pivoted his attention to the conversation.

"What do you want to hear Emanuelle?  Yes it was a ploy, I have no intention in sharing power.  I want to rule the world alone and all will bow and worship me.  Tell me, which is it you want to hear?"  Belial looked back down at the beautiful sword in his hand.

"You mean it's true?"  Emanuelle looked horrified.

"Why shouldn't it be?"  Belial asked simply.

"An arrogant dweeb like Hades and a heartless brute like Zeus residing over the universe.  You have to be kidding?"

"Of course I have to be."  Belial swung his falchion in the air relishing the sweet whistle it gave as it cut through the air.

"I think it's wisdom."  Belial and Emanuelle looked sharply at Greaves as he spoke.

"How so?"  Emanuelle placed her hands on her hips in an almost comically diva stance.

"I once read about the humans prefer to rule their people.  It's simple, the people choose the leaders, but no leader stands alone.  All factions of human's are represented by a 'party' in there vote and even those opposed to the current leadership have a right to disclose an opinion, regardless of how heinous some may think it is."  Greaves stood up from his desk and paced to the centre of the room as he absently pushed his glasses to forehead.  "It is wisdom to give the netherworld and all other realms there representatives to rule over everything, that way a harmony can be produced safe in the knowledge that are being listened to."  Emanuelle heeded the words and found herself agreeing somewhat with her brother.

"He is exactly right.  Jehovah has ruled over as much of the universe that he can get his greedy hands on, all for his own pleasure.  He has controlled the humans through fables and myths, he controls heaven through tyranny.  The point of the war is for no one person to gain control of everything, but for everyone to be united under one banner."  Belial sheathed his sword after he spoke.

"I wish to speak with you both for a moment with regards to a more pressing dilemma."  Greaves broke a very short ponderous silence.

"Persephone?"  Belial asked.

"Yes Persephone.  From what I could gather from talking to the centaurs on our journey, she has now been missing for five days.  Nobody unexpected had arrived here apart from us and obviously there was no break in or Hades would have mentioned it when agreeing to letting us find her."  Greaves went back to the desk and began poring over his notes.

"What have you come up with brother?"  Emanuelle softly asked.

"NOthing of note unfortunately.  There are a few things that bother me however."  Greaves slumped back against the chair and began slowly massaging his pointed chin. 

"Firstly, is the fact that it would have taken two days to come from Hades' city.  NOw if he had heard the same day as Persephone disappearing and came straight here, he would have with a large procession of people bringing his effects, food, guards, arsenal and that great ornamental tribute to a Pegasus that we saw as we walked through the courtyard with his name carved in the base.  The centaurs told me he arrived alone with a few guards.  No mention of any large procession."  Greaves tapped his fingers on the desk.

"Secondly, Zeus would have had to have left the minute she disappeared to be here.  The portal is a three day trek the otherside of Hades city.  You see Hades hates surprise visitors and had it moved it to a wasteland area so that Zeus would be reluctant to interfere.  It says so here in this scroll that was just above the desk."  Belial thought his over for a moment and came to the conclusion that he really did not have any idea what Greaves was getting at.

"Thirdly.  Who does all this literature belong to?  Where is the person who studies here often?  Where is Persephone's lover?"  Greaves stood up and walked to a small basin in the far eastern corner of the room and and cupped some silvery water into his mouth. 

"What is it you are asking Greaves?" Emanuelle could no longer coneal her frown.

"I am asking how Zeus got here so quickly, how Hades came so unprepared yet is very settled, and where Persephone's lover actually is.  I am asking which rooms are we allowed in whilst here under the watchful eye of the NEtherworld gods.  I am asking whether it is necessary to not tell them what we are doping.  I am suggesting that the three people I have mentioned maybe our prime suspcts."

The End

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