Chapter 30 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Saracen threw Balthazar into an open garage.  After sending him sprawling face first onto a cracked pavement Saracen hauled Balthazar to his feet by the neck of his shirt in front of countless horrified humans, and marched him thus to an alley and into a deserted car park full of garages.

Saracen looked down at the miserable leader of demons and spat on the floor beside him.

"Get up you worthless chimp before I break your feeble little skull for you."  Saracen was a terrible man to rile, his temper was known to spiral out of control in his most severe moments, but even in then he was frighteningly controlled.  This had made him a fearless leader for Belial's order.  Balthazar had no options available other than to obey.

"Saracen you traitor..."

"You dare call me a traitor after consorting with Gabriel."  Saracen unexpectedly smashed his fist into Balthazars face.  Balthazat sunk to his knees holding his shattered nose and screamed.

"Get up now before I cave you in.  You will answer to me, and believe me I will know if you lie?"

Balthazar registered the metallic taste as it oozed over his dry tongue.  Slowly he rose his thin bod to it's full height and backed away from Saracen until he found the cold concrete with his back.

"What were you doing with Gabriel?"  Saracen pulled a dagger from his belt as he spoke.

"I...I was looking for Belial."

"Flauros was not Belial, why did you kill him?"  Saracen ran the flat cold steel over his fingers.

"You betrayed me.  You found Belial didn't you? You went to where he stayed the night after his treachery didn't you?"  Balthazar stuttered.  In such situations answering a question with a question would help him gain advantage over his opponent.  In such situations he had never before come across Saracen.

"You fail to answer my questions one more time and I will slice you open, don't take me for a fool.  Why did you kill flauros?" 

"You were all traitors, he..."

Saracen never heard what 'he' apparently did, the dagger had found Balthazars face and turned his words into a bone shattering sxream.  A long, narrow, lightening shaped line on Balthazar's left cheek began to seep viscous rubies.

"I am of the order of Belial, I am no traitor.  Where is Gabriel now?"  Saracen roared.

"You can never hope to slay Gabriel, he is pro..."

Another matching line was carved in Balthaz\ar's right cheek with a vicious accurate fervour.  Another scream erupted from the hoarse throat of Balthazar.

"Where is Gabriel?"  Saracen asked viciously.

"I left him at the car park with Beleth.  I think Beleth is slain Saracen.  Oh no, this is crazy you must me help me get out of here."  Balathazar started to sob convulsively.

"Less of your tears worm, I owe you nothing for selling out Demonkind to an Archangel.   I should call him to you so you can explain why you deserted him you spineless imbecile.  Why are you hunting Belial?"  Saracen held the crimson hued blade in front of Balthazars face.

"Because he is a criminal, he broke the law of our kind."  Saracen let him finish this time before cutting a straight line in his forehead.  Balthazar sank to his knees screaming holding his blood soaked face.

"Slight my General one more time Blathazar I dare you. "  Saracen gave a long dramatic pause, silently willing the cowering demon to continue belittling Belial.  Disappointed he continued.

"You passed a sour enough judgment upon him in the court.  Why continue the quest, why not hunt Abaddon or Beelzebub?  Why are you hunting Belial?"

"The trial he attempted to slander me."  Balthazar half screamed and half sobbed his blurted answer at Saracen.

"You mean what he said about Astaroth?  Now I struggle to believe you would be so determined to have Belial dead if there was not any truth in his words.  Tell me frankly did you have Astaroth slain?"  Saracen felt his control slowly ebbing away.

"It was a mistake Saracen.  One I would have atoned for if Belial had let me.  Gabriel is out there as we speak and soon he will come hunting."  Balthazar looked and saw his plea had no effect on the Demon.  "Yes I delivered Astaroth to his doom, but it was not willing, it was not intended.  I have felt sick afterwards, I wanted to fix this wrong before."

"So allying yourself with our mortal enemy was your way of making amends."  Saracen could no longer stay his hand.  He forcefull stabbed Balthazar in the shoulder.  As the dagger fuond bone Sarcen twisted the blade relishing in the audio drowning scream it caused.

Balthazar stopped screaming and began hyperventilating.

"Gabriel will kill us both, so in our escape we must be together.  Tell him how I can atone for what I have done to you, and Belial." 

"I know exactly what you are going to do, get up and face your angst for you are going to need strength where you are going."  Saracen's smile was a menacing knowing one.

The End

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