Chapter 28 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Balthazar had dived into a small stone hut as the fray began.  The stench of old coffee and cigarettes assaulted his nostrils and something damp seeped through his black trousers, but fear of Gabriel gripped him in a paralyzing stupor.  A frenzy of regret, guilt and anger pounded against his skull until the fight was over.

He peered through the small window into the carpark and saw Beleth sat with his back to a vehicle wielding one of his Katana's with a white knuckled anticipation. 

Gabriel stepped into view blocking Balthazars view of Beleth.  Unsure what exactly happened, he saw the Katana skid across the floor away from the battle and the Beleth was thrown against the wall to the room in which he was hiding.

Balthazar ducked down once again into the putrid room.  Gabriels heavy footsteps pounded slowly toward him.

"Where has your yellow hearted friend just ran to?"  Gabriels voice denoted a controlled rage.

"Tesco's mate.  He fancied a sausage roll and a hot cup of coffee."  Beleth betrayed no fear in his tone, and the obvious noise of a heavy glob of spit being launched touched Balthazars senses.  Even under the obvious duress of his pending doom, the Demon was steadfast and hard.  Belial had trained them well.

"So we have a comedian then?"

"I play a mean fiddle too."

Balthazar wanted to help Beleth, but the cowardly common sense told him there would be no victory here.  It suddenly became very obvious that Balthazar had unleashed a terrifying plague against his own people by allying himself with Gabriel.  The error of his ways was becoming abundantly obvious to him now.

"So what will it take for me to get the information from you?  How about..."  The rest of the sentence was lost behind an agonizing scream emitting from Beleth.  A spattering of blood hit the glass above him.

Balthazar took the opportunity to move.  With his head down he raced for the open door and out of the car park, unnoticed by the Angel.  HIs pace quickened until he was pitching himself down the bustling street with a frenzied passion.

This passion was ended as Saracens boot reached out and tripped him.

The End

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