Chapter 27 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Hades was athletic stature, clean shaven and a tidy short crop of Blonde hair adorned his thickly structured face.  Sapphire eyes burned fiercely from behind his olive eyelids,  He was garbed in the traditional olympian white tunic. 

Belial knew enough of Hades to recognise that his attire was due to some very official business with other Olympians.  He looked up at the motionless king of the underworld, a reminiscent feeling of utter dislike crept thunderously into Belial's conscience.  The history wrought between Belial and Hades would not be forgiven by either party.  Belial could see a similar realisation of hatred echoed upon the frown of the man in the doorway above him.

"I think you had better come in."  Hades brusquely pivoted and strode into the marble hallway behind him.  As the trio followed him into Persephone's keep the Centuars departed from the door.

MInutes later they found themselves sat around a large teak table in a lavishly decorated circular room with crimson drapes covering the walls.  ON the opposite side of the room to where Belial had sat he eyed up a familiar wooden pedestal containing a single sword.

The falchion heralded a bronze hued blade about three foot in length with a black hilt with red thorny vines depicted in a spiral down to a bronze circle at the base.  This circle contained an emerald and black onyx set in the shape of an eye.  Belial knew this sword, Hephaestus himself had made this weapon.  Persephone presented her lover at the time with this weapon.  Belial had accepted it gladly. 

The scabbard was set below the Falchion on the pedestal, a hard yet surprisingly light craft decorated to match the Hilt.  Belial gazed fondly at the sword and wished to grasp it again.  The pedestal had a worn replica of the swords green eye painted to it.

His concentration was broken as Hades entered the room accompanied by his brother Zeus.

Zeus was a hard man, rugged and leathery to look at, an olive skinned man set heavy with slabs of rippling muscle.  His eyes were of the same vibrance of Hades, but his blonde hair cascaded voluptuously down his rough, thick neck.

Belial knew the custom was to stand in the presence of an Olympian until told that he could be seated, but still he remained seated allowing his two friends to sit in ignorance of the Netherworld tradition.

As Hades and Zeus sat at the table, Belial began to speak.

The End

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