Chapter 26 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Saracen became the next ethereal being to jack a car in the last three days.  Saracen was pleased with his choice, a purple bulky Peugeot 25 that growled for more speed as he attempted to break the sound barrier along the long road.  Beleth and Flauros sat stonily silent in the passenger behind him mulling over the confusion that had entombed them.

Earth vomited it's next view of nothing at them with in a rapidly convulsing tableau every millisecond.  All they knew was that they had to reach to Moebius quickly.

Flauros had made his oath to Saracen more grudgingly than he had let on.  The only reason he was following this madness was because of his undying loyalty to Saracen.  But that hadn't stopped him leaving a little note to Balthazar.  The note told Balthazar a lot of nothing, except that they were following Belial's trail, and that they were going to support him and not hand him over to Gabriel.  He expressed hope that Balthazar would not share this with Gabriel, because Saracen sensed something big.

Beleth on the other hand was completely devoted to Saracen.  Saracen could have led them into the very jaws of a dragon and Beleth would have found a good reason for it.  But even he, whilst fiddling with his unkempt curls, was wriggling with trepidation.

Auto-pilot took them straight to Wellingborough road, the very doorstep of Moebius' pub.  A wind whipped up their bared arms chilling Beleth into a subdued expectation of doom.  Beleth was not disappointed.

Amidst the wriggling maggot like crowd winding it's way down the Northampton streets Beleth spied Balthazar emerging from the very pub that Moebius hid her Portal room in.

"Stop Saracen."  He whispered urgently.

Saracen had already seen Blathazar and Gabriel exiting the pub.  Even through the pink barrage of flesh, Saracen had recognised them.

"Beleth, Flauros we have to take a detour.  There's a side street ten yards to our left, it takes us to a sheltered car park, we can cut back across to this road before Balthazar sees us."  Sarace had his head down.  His body was already pivoting away from their route.


"Stop Balthazar."  Gabriel looked through the crowd.  "Do you see what I see?"

Balthazar saw Flauros swiftly pivot and walk away from him.


The alert trio swiftly scraped their way through a swarthing sweat stenched crowd to a deserted road. Saracen strode determinedly ahead toward the rear entrance of St Michaels Car Park. 

The irony of the name hadn't escaped Beleths notice.  The red and brown three storey car park lay before them almost mockingly.  Ordinarily Beleth wouldn't have entered this particular evil portent if it wasn't for Saracen and Flauros striding ahead.

It was Flauros who first saw the sun-illuminated silhouettes, just a fraction too late to warn Saracen.  The noise of the nearby crowd was a vile intoxicating thing, it's very presence unnerving.  It was a despicable distraction to Beleth, but Flauros saw the danger immediately.  Immediately was represented by a thrown golden dagger three inches from his face.


Balthazar entered the front entrance of the car park three feet behind a determined Gabriel.   He saw the angel reach beneath his pristine white cloak and pull an illuminated dagger and throw it in the direction of...


Saracen heard Flauros scream, an awkward terrified shriek beginning with the letter N.  Instinctively he found Beleth's shoulder and propelled him into the cover of a red Ford.  Saracen's back found a cold white rough pillar.

Flauros fell three feet from him, a strange dagger protruding from his forehead.  Saracen took three seconds.  The first second he realised Flauros was dead on the sour grey tarmac.  The second second he registered Beleth sprawled face down in the safety of a cars shadow.  The third second he drew a very short sword, arched with a sickening beauty; ornamented with a black handle donning a yellow and red wool.

"Saracen for pities sake come out." Balthazar's voice seemed vaguely muffled, but instantly recognisable.

Saracen saw a hidden route to another pillar near the place where the trio had entered.  An unasailable anger rose through his throat burning an acidic hatred into his consiousness.  Looking around the smooth black and grey hard carpet of concrete Saracen sought a ballistic missile that he could launch as a diversion.  He realised that Beleth was his only hope.


Beleth tasted salt as he hit the floor.  The looming shadow of car covered his own.  Incomprehension hit him like an icy tidal wave, all he registered was a flash of gold and the oncoming stationery vehicle which became his instant shelter.

Beleth found himself face down staring at the black doughnut of a pirelli car tyre.  Someone had shouted something through the fuzzy haze that clouded his mind.  Luckily for Saracen the clouding was only momentary.


Balthazar saw the dagger fly, he understood the repurcussions of involving himself with Saracen in a rgae and he quickly sought cover.  A small red door to his left was slightly ajar,obviously on a busy day a tireless human sat here monitoring the coming and goings of cars.  This was his impenetrable fortress for the timebeing.

He shouted the only thing he thought would help.


Saracen was leaning back against the white serrated pillar, he knew that Gabriel was about ten feet behind him, three foot over his shoulder.  He needed distraction before he could run.  It came in form of a whistling shruiken. 

He hadn't seen Beleth move, he just heard the ominous whislte of the metal star rip the air with a grotesque shriek.  He ran, ten feet to the next pillar, thankfully the missile had given him enough time. 

Saracen gripped his weapons and peered around the left side of his new haven just in time to see Gabriel aproach the car where Beleth was vulnerable.

Saracen had two choices.  First he could partake in the fruitless battle with the Angel only Belial could slay.  Two run as fast as he can around to Moebius and escape.

The latter seemed the better option.

The End

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