Chapter 19 - Of Battles and Boxes

The next hour was a blitz of politics, crooked words and grief.  All stone rooms in the castle began to swim before Emmanuelles eyes dizzying her mind to the point of nausea, the only room she could find solace was where Persephone was holed out during Zeus and Hades intended takeover.  The last place she remembered her brother being alive.

She sat on Persephones bed and shuddered and shivered under the weight of sobbing grief.  For a few long minutes she let the water trickle from her eyes and wash the stain of pity a loss from her porcelain cheeks.  It was then the silence began to add weight to her sorrow so she picked up a cd and placed it in Persephones stereo system.

Cave in and try to take away.  All that I have all I betray.

Emmanuelle liked the screeching sorrow of the singers voice and felt it mirror her pain.  She let the music sound out her pain for awhile happily passing the onus to the faceless sounds.

This is everything I've stripped away.

'This is my music.  The humans have got one thing right, they know just what to say to empathise with others.  I often wonder what exactly prompted this young american to write these words.  Could he really understand loss?'  Hermione was looking wistfully at the source of the sounds.  Emmanuelle wondered how long she had been there, and sudenly felt a pang of guilt at her own disappearance and solitude.  It wasn't just her that had lost someone close to them this evening.

Well the youth has certainly gone away.  And at times I'd like to erase.

'Is all this worth it Hermione?  All this blood, this loss seems to make the bigger picture that more irrelevant.'

I try to sit you down and take the fall.  Look you in the eye, tell you it all.

'Don't allow it to be irrelevant.  I tell myself that the universe would crumble were it not for the sacrifice of those important few.  How far would you have come without your brother?  I know I would certainly not have the opportunity to aid my father and ultimately help destroy the Angels claim to total domination if my mother hadn't tutored me so.'  Hermione sat next to Emmanuelle as the song ended.  A new angry array of guitars replaced the mournful rage that had previously set the scene.   Hermione threw her arms around the angel and together they wept.

An empty shell on what a demon fed.

Belial interrupted the pair a minute or so later urging Emmanuelle to move soon as they were ready to leave.  Emmanuelle nodded a wet head at him and looked back at Hermione.

Woe is on my misery, she wins all their eyes.

'Emmanuelle.  Take this bracelet from me.  I have one identical to it.  The loss we share in this battle could bond a friendship between us.  Let us show that we have lost in this war yet still we have the win to prevail.'  Hermione held out a green and black band epicting two snakes coiling around each other.  She released it to her new angelic friend with shaking hands.

If even you can't help?  Dark nights on my soul.

The End

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