Chapter 19 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Saracen had planned it so perfectly, he knew which house Belial would have gone to when he left Moebius; but as Belial had four houses on Earth he split his team up and sent them to his other domiciles.  Only Saracen, Beleth and Flauros had gone to Corby; the latter two were Saracens most trusted warriors.

It was twenty minutes ago that they had entered the simple mid terraced house, and now they were all sat around a table.  Saracen was ready to talk; Beleth and Flauros were ready to listen.  Twenty minutes had revealed a lot to Saracen.

The house had a fading warmth to it when he entered.  Immediately his eyes were drawn to the large kitchen table.  Three cups were sat around a teapot, all of them sporting the telling brown drips of use.  Three cups means three drinkers.  He motioned to his two companions to check the whole house for Belial and maybe the rest of the Fallen.

He already knew the answer, Belial wouldn't be hanging around in one place for too long, especially not somewhere everybody knows of.  In truth Belials care and precision had always scared Saracen a little.  Saracen was an accomplished and loyal warrior to his order, but Belial was something far more frightening.  So thankfully Saracen knew Belial would not be here.

After this was confirmed Saracen found all the bounty that was left for him.  He found fresh bloodstains on the sofa of the living room, and warm moist bloodstained wraps.  Someone was injured.  Had Belial been wounded?  What does this signify?  

Saracen put the thoughts aside for a moment.

A bible had been left on the sofa.  Belial owning the book was not strange or unknown, it served as a reminder to many exactly what they were fighting.  From the middle of the book a strange piece of paper protruded, a piece of paper that didn't belong there.  A piece of paper bearing Saracen's name.

Saracen had snatched up the book and saw a highlighted line on the page below.  

'do not let the sun go down on your anger'

Saracen stared at this for a long thudding moment, he could not fathom the message.  Placing the book back on the sofa he looked around the room.  The only other thing out place in the living room was the flashing digits of a paused C.D. in the stereo.

Saracen pressed play.

'Power beyond containing
Are you going to remain a slave for
The rest of your life?
Give into the night'

Saracen knew the tune very well.  This was his favourite album, an album he used to train with every day for the last year.  A band with whom Belial and Saracen had sat many times listening to.  Undeniably this was a message too.

It was Beleth who found the eye.  It was so small it could have gone unnoticed, the hallway walls were lime green, as was the iris of this small sticker.  But it was definitely there, looking down the stairs at the Kitchen where they had entered.

There was no time for deduction, it was evident to more than just Saracen that Belial had been here.  But he needed to think (are you going to remain a slave...) about his next cause of (do not let the sun...)action.

Balthazar had given him viscously clear orders.  On any sign of Belials movements he was to call Baltazar immediately.  But Balthazar would inform Gabriel, and Gabriel would hunt Belial.  How much of himself did Saracen want to give?

He had learnt to trust Belial, and despite the slaughtering of Timon and Aamon, he still trusted him.  Few Demons understood the glaring misunderstanding of Saracen's own involvement.  But Saracen had never (Power Beyond Containing) disobeyed any order from a higher Demon before now.  He couldn't (down on your anger) disobey Balthazar now (Are you going to remain a slave for the rest of your life?) could he?

It took a few moments for Saracen to calculate and listen to himself before he ordered Flauros and Beleth into the kitchen to sit around the table.  There was something he had to know, there was something he had to say.

The End

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