Chapter 16 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

The light was suddenly so unbearably vivid.  The trio had walked into a flourescent jade shaded glade.  A delightfully horrid combination of rotting fungus and natural life forced a deliciously putrid scent in the air around them.  Thick rugged trunks of indescribably tall trees, almost without a peak, greeted them with the smiles, frowns and insanity that Nature odten presented them with stood throbbingly statuesque around them.  Movement around them was subtle and swift.  Small creatures scurried, flew and bounded to hidden safety as welcome to the new intruders.  Leaves and fern carpeted the coffee and parsley coloured world around them.  Bountiful natural gothic protrusion and beautifully arched looming shapes engulfed them.

Only Belial seemed unaffected by the beauty around him.  Immediately his eyes were shifting, searching for unwelcome movement.  Only that of the tiny wildlife gave away any signs of interested life.  Bugs, Birds, Beasts and Belial.

There was an encompassing heat enveloping the trio.  Sticky and sweet, welcome and stifling, the Netherworld was a different type fo world.  The sensations seemed like physical, evident oxymorons yet and yet delightful.

The evidet interest and bewlidered excitement of his followers began to irritate Belial, but he understood their interest and for a short while allowed them to savour the confusing delights of the Netherworld.

"We need to start moving Emanuelle."

Greaves obviously paid no attention to Belial's words.  "Look Emanuelle. Lysimachia minoricensis.  How beautiful."

Belial snapped his fingers irritably.  "Listen Percy Thrower, we need to move."

"But Lysimachia minoricensis, it's so rare we belived it to be extinct.  It's flourishing, look at it's beauty."  Greaves dremaily slurred.

"Oh yeah you're right Greaves."  Belial looked at the plant with apparent awe on his face.  "That's the prettiest thing that I never ever gave two hoots about I have ever seen."

Emanuelle snorted with a laughter she had strived to suppress for fear of offending Greaves.  But Greaves continued smiling in his wearily dreamy manner and grinned lovingly at the sunset coloured plant.

"So many delights.  So many wonders, two minutes in the Netherworlds and I am rapt by it's visual poetry."  Greaves gaily floundered his arms.

Belials irritation broke.

"Listen Green Fingers.  I'm not here to frollick amongst the many meadows of trash that the Netherworld vomits onto it's surface.  We have a job to do.  If you don't want to be left wandering this 'flourishing' forest by yourself I would pick up you bag and follow me."  Belial strode away forward clutching his backpack to his right shoulder.


The End

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