Chapter 13 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

It is true that Hades abducted Persephone as a youngster, but no great splitting earth or nymphs were involved.  There was no earthquake or, even a mild tremor.  Hades simply walked up to the innocent child and lured her from Olympus to the Netherworld.

Despite all popular beliefs, Demeter, Persephones mother, was an obsessively somthering woman who allowed Persephone little freedom.  Her father, a powerful man named Zeus, cared not for much more than his oppressive, yet aggressively just rule, had not reacted to this abduction in the way a devoted father would.

In truth, the promise of erotic misadventure is what had allured the adolescent Persephone to accompany the notorious Hades to his domain, where they had married.  She had found that unlike Olympus, the Netherworld was a vibrant decadent place to live, interest characters, fantastic wildlife and an archetypal 'Bad Boy' as a husband.

Olympus obviously was outraged by the 'supposed' kidnapping.  In the end Zeus had no choice but to intervene.  There is a wild story involving pomegranate seeds and dying earth, many humans found this wildly entertaining so of course the information was published and twisted an contorted until everyone, including the Heavenly Angels believed it.  But again, the truth was much simpler, Zeus cut a deal with Hades.

Zeus saw that Persephone was happy in the Netherworld.  His compromise was that Persephone claim joint rule with Hades as ruler of the Netherworld and that she return to her mothers side for two thirds of the year.  The benfit for Hades was that he could visit her in secret, under the organisation, and sometimes supervision of Zeus and Hermes.  Also Olympus wouldn't send it's vicious armies into the scantily defended Netherworld.

Over the years, whilst abiding to this compromise Persephone became torn between two hearts.  She had a soft heart, accompanied one of Iron.  The latter gave her the rather apt title of 'Iron Queen'.  Persephone became hard, promiscuous, emotional and terrifying.

The mint plant again is a story warped by fiction and imagination.  A Nymph indeed attract the lavish attentions of Hades.  But the closest to a mint plant was her name.  The story goes that Persephone, on finding out about Hades betrayal, turned a Nymph into a mint plant for the sheer fun of it.

Again the truth behind behind the myth was simple.  Persephone fed Minthe to Cerberus, a giant three headed dog.

Another story was of a bard by the name of eurydice who had lost his wife to the Netherworlds.  Because of his ballads and his hauntingly sad music, Persephone granted him the opportunity to take her back to Earth, on the proviso that on the way back, he did not turn to look at her.  Of course Eurydice continuously turned to check that she was indeed followin, so Persephone took her forever.

In fact, the 'Iron Queen' did allow Eurydice to visit his wife and offered to let her leave, but his wife didn't want to.  Such is the decadence and beauty of the Netherworld.

Persephones promiscuity found her with Adonis, behind Hades back.  Adonis, a supposedly rugged beustiful child, became a man who often found himself in Persephone's chambers.  Persephone was actually a childminder of sorts when Adonis was a youngster, Aphrodite had given her charge of his fate sometimes.

Persephone watched this babe grow into a fully fledged stud.  Aprhodite, Adonis' mother, was disgusted by this abuse of power.  But Adonis and Persephone were stricken with each other.  For a long time Adonis would in fact spend months on end with her.  But once again the mythology suggests that there was some disturbing fray involved until Calliope settled the argument, promising Persephone four months a year with Adonis.

But the depth of Persephones infidelity goes beyond what is written.  It was nearly a century when Belial was last in Hades.  Persephone was still sat upon the very ornate gold and bronze throne of the Netherworld, linking arms with Hades.  

The summer was at it's height, condensation became steam early in the mornings.  Belials purpose there was simply to accompany Lucifer after being invited to a short sabbatical in the company of Helen.  In a vibrant masquerade Belial's rugged a shadowy depth attracted Persephones attentions.

The affair the shared was illustrious and wild, the passion which they shared was incomparable to any stories you could read.  The love was more intoxicating to Belial than Romoes love for Juliet could ever have been.  Persephone's love was wilder than Heathcliffes.  Their combined physical passion and adventurous acts were more daring than Casanova could have ever dreamed of.

But Hades had found out.  There was no war, no fight.  No battles for the love of one woman, Hades wouldn't have been able to contain as rabid and wild beast such as Belial, so he simply abdicated her from the throne of the Netherworld.

Belial and Persephone shared two more years of intensity, but the lack of power Persephone had to endure became a theatrical stigma between the two of them.  It was when he found Persephone wrapt in the throes of a pulsating love with a simpleton that Belial had to digest what was left of his heart.

The change in him was immediate, a private vow to never be so unwittingly deceived again was made.  Persephone herself made no apology.  She simply laughed, words were spoke, but Persephone was unaffected by Belials rampant anger.

Belial left for good, no more visits back to the bed of Persephone.  He blamed himself for the dire divorce he endured.  He was constantly absent to fight his own personal war.  Always leaving, armed, rigged for battle, attending the private meetings in Hell.  He left for the last time and remained in Hell, until he had grown weary of the politics and took a break on Earth.

Persephone was the only female that he allowed to disturb, excite, and mentally mutilate him.  Since them, he was stone.

But he would return to her, and this time he would be in control of himself.


The End

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