Chapter 12 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Belial had planned the conversation so well, he offered Emanuelle sanctuary in Limbo.  He offered her his house on earth to stay in.  He offered another cup of tea; he very nearly offered her the position of guarding Pandora's box itself, but Emanuelle was as stubborn as Belial was tenacious.

It became clear after much yelling, many profanities, far too much unhealthy blasphemy, and copious amounts of seething, that Emanuelle and her halfwit baggage of a brother would be accompanying him to the Netherworld.

"One thing I need to know Belial.  Who or what is Persephone?"  Emanuelle was victoriousle slumped over the high back of Belials dining chair.

It was Greaves who answered.  "You mean you have never heard of the Iron Queen of the Underworld?  Dear Sweet Emanuelle, I see the seraphim hold less stock in history than us Cherubim."  Greaves had a sloping sloppy grin on his face.

"Let's get one thing very straight.  If you are accompanying me to the Netherworld, you are NOT a Cherubim scholar anymore, and you are more than definitely not a Seraphim.  There is no orders, none of that will be any use to you where we are going."  Belial's flaring eyes gave them no option but to obey, and once again Emanuelle found herself obedient.  The silence was sudden, firey and stony.

"Anyway sis, Persephone is one of the most powerful characters history has had the fortune to bestow upon us."  Greaves began.

"Does he always talk like that?"  Belial grinned in spite of himself.  Emanuelle simply rolled her eyes and nodded.

"She apparently turned a nymph into a mint plant in jealousy."  Greaves was beginning to sound very proud of himself.

"A mint plant?"  Emanuelle sounded doubtful.  Belial was grinning again and slurped comically on his tea.

"Oh yes.  She has a very rich and complicated history.  The first thing about her you ought to know is, she was kidnapped as a youngster by Hades."  Greaves was lost in the sound of his own voice.

"When she was young, she was out in a field with some nymphs, who as a matter of profund interest then became the Sirens, you know those creatures who sang on rocks off the coast of Greece on earth many ceturies ago.  Any way I digress, Persephone was picking flowers with these nymphs when Hades broke out of a cleft in the earth and took her..."  greaves was like butter, he was on a roll.  Belial hated to be the person to break such an amusing drawling stride but he did anyway.

"Ok, ok stop, please stop.  You are just reciting myths and fables about her.  The same sort of garbage that deems me a winged, goat headed beast that preys on sleeping women.  You are onbviously very learned in mythology but if you want to know the real story of Persephone let me tell it."  Belial dramatically put his feigned weary head in his hands.

"I beg to differ Belial..."

"Beg all you want, but I know her.  So I will tell you about Persephone."


The End

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