Chapter 11 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Greaves was sat at the large dining table, drinking possibly his fifteenth cup of tea.  A fantastic new discovery he had thought, addicted immediately to the sickly sweet taste.  His eyes shot alarmingly at the door as Emanuelle and Belial entered through the door.  We watched Belial stride past him and to the stairs withou acknowledgment of his presence, Emanuelle simply rolled her eyes and poured herself a tea from the steaming pot.

"You're not supposed to add milk until the brew is in the cup."  She said sharply.

"And where are the rules?"  Greaves drawling quip irritated her slightly.  The grey light through the window cast the spartan kitchen in a cold light.  Another thing she would never understand was the simple Human appliances.  A box that cooked meals using radiation, a large metal cube that drowned fabrics in water to clean them, and a white tin that stored and cooled human food.  She realised how different all realms and dimensions actually were.

As she walked through to the living area she noticed a copy of the bible, tattered and wonky in the bookcase.  Without thinking she picked up the brown book and opened it.  The language seemed alien to her, but there were definite twisted untruths printed here.  Events that she had studied were wet with glory and hope, dripping with ignorant propaganda.  She understood the weight of Gods word.

The story of Lucifer approaching Jesus in the desert struck her as odd.  Such a tale of obvious heroism and strength, resisting temptation and defying the very will of the demons themselves.  Wh was this story new to her, why had she not learned of the prowess of Gods chosen human.  

If she had read this as a human she may have been elevated to a state of faith and hope.  But the kingdom of heaven was very different to the descriptions set before the humans.  Reading passages made her want to believe Belial even more than before.  A grating sense of disgust and loathing for her teachings gripped her.  The book described very little as to the reasons for the fallen falling.

Belial entered the room and watched her peruse the book.  His first thoughts of the book had been similar to hers.  Some of it had amused him, his own character muddied and bloodied by a pen had done more damage to him than any sword could.

"Makes for entertaining reading doesn't it?"  Belials voice startled Emanuelle and she instinctively snapped the book shut.  Belial grinned and simply said "The three of us need to talke."

Belial walked into the kitchen and sat at the table opposite Greaves and then the forum for discussion was open.
The End

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