Chapter 7 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

"Where do I begin?  I was born in Rodel, about 50 miles south of Eden.  A typical outland hovel strewn village where poverty and violence were bedmates.  My home was a simple one, as my parents were simple too.  My father toiled the fields and my mother made the home.  Neither it would seem would have me work as they did, and as a youngster I was offered to Jehovah for training.

"I became a member of the Seraphim and was part od the original order serving under Michael and travelled with Jehovah around heaven as he graced each village and town with his presence.  I was kind of a bodyguard in his entourage, a perfect setting to see how Jehovah dealt with the daily plights and pleas of his people.  Those needing more food and supplies to get them through coming months, and those in need of medicine.

"I remember that winter had hit hard, the ground was impossible to break and the animals were dying in the cold.  The vegetables could not be reaped, and it seemed that all of these vegetables were being sent to us in Jehovahs Palace to feast on and little being kept back for themselves.  So Jehovah, under his faithful servant Gabriels advisement, decided to visit these villages.

"I honestly thought that this was a morale boosting exercise for his people.  A sign that he understood their hardship and that he was listening to them.  A sign that he would help in anyway he could.  I believed that until I read a manifesto of goods that had arrived from some villages that were under the required quoter.

"It's not as if all of these were grossly under either.  Rodel, my own village was short by about a kilo, but still the almighty, all knowing God would need to pay these a visit.  The journey to every village in Heaven would take two earth years to traverse, and Oh how much I learned in those two years.

"Our first village was Gabriellen.  We were welcomed by the villagers with a fanfare of open arms and given fruit and tokens by each of them.  All of which we passed to Jehovah for safekeeping.  Jehovah addressed the crowd in his decadent and opened his arms to them 'like a father cradling his children.'  My first night outside the Palace with my 'God' was something beyond righteous.

The Guards went out on the town, Jehovah gave the order to enjoy ourselves in whatever manner possible, so we graced a tavern.  We were all still armed and clad in the garb of our order.  I had kept myself to myself at the table, just enjoying a night drinking away from duties.  those days had always been shouted orders and heavy marching broken up by simple meals. 

"Maybe you couldn't blame the guards for letting their hair down and relaxing for the first time in weeks, but these men had a whole new level of relaxation.  One villager spilled his drink accidentally on the tunic of one of the guards.  Had it been me I would have been a little annoyed but easily placated by the villagers offer of a drink.  Instead of taking this drink, the Guard took his head and his wife.  In the middle of a horrified tavern the guard molested and raped his wife and then offered the bleeding screaming naked woman to another guard.  In the end six of them all pounded their frustrations out on this poor Angel.

"This was reported to Jehovah who told the village that the guards mentioned would suffer serious consequences.  These guards were given an extra helping of food that evening for their display of discipline and care to the villagers.

"Each night in different villages was the same until Jehovah had asked us to bring an Angel to him, it didn't matter which, he just wanted a female some nights.  This angel would leave ashamed and abashed in the morning, sometimes covered in blood, some often with bruises.

"We eventually came to Rodel, the first of the villages on our list that had shorted Gods kitchen by one single solitary kilo.  He had us burn houses and empty all pantries of food in payment for this.  One of those houses was my mothers.  Again I watched as my father was beheaded and my mother continually raped and cut until they eventually killed her.

"I can't tell you how I felt, the law of Jehovah had so be indoctrinated into me since I joined the Seraphim that I had forgotten all ties to emotion.  But seeing my mother and my home ravaged by these parasitic, arrogant, vicious chimps brought the gravity of Jehovah's righteous love for his people in to a cold light.

"It was at the next village we caught a crippled youngster by the name of Seth stealing a single solitary loaf of bread, from a large cartful of loaves.  Jehovah had the oy slain there on the spot for his impudence and then sent me with a message of pity to his parents.

"I was to tell these two people that their son had been attacked by a vicious animal, and that Jehovah would give him every tribute to his bravery in his palace.  In fact Jehovah, Gabriel and Michael all decided to eat this youngster, some of him as a sandwich in the loaf that he had endeavoured to steal.

"I came to the parents and couldn't let the lie form in my mouth.  I no longer believed in the decadence of Jehovah and the goodwill of the angels, so I told them the truth.  Adam and Eve rounded up the village and prepared a small attack on the caravans that we were staying in.  The attack was so well planned that a lot of the Guards burned in their beds.  But enough of them escaped to slaughter most of the village.

"I fled at this point, not knowing what I would do.  Gabriel was smart and would know that i had not given the information instructed.  I had betrayed the Seraphim and Jehovah himself.  I would no longer be welcome amongst the Angels.

"My decision was simple, still armed and clad as a Guard I ran to villages ahead of them warning them of the coming.  Telling those villages that had shorted the order to flee or be prepared to stand and fight.  I ran myself in a large circle until I eventually came to Eden.

"It was here that I met Abaddon.  He was a clever Angel, a talented bard and an even more talented thief.  Abaddon was the original Robin Hood, stealing from large mansions and relieving heavy purses and sending them to villages helping them buy food.  The upshot of this in fact was that Jehovah thought they were earning too much money and eventually starting taxing them higher, meaning Abaddon had to steal more to help them all through.

"I met him as he was escaping being caught, limping heavily and bleeding he ran into me down an alley.  His first instinct was to draw his sword and slash at me, thinking I was a guard, recognising my uniform.  I swiftly disarmed Abaddon and through him into a dark alcove kicking his sword across the ground toward him as a large group of guards came toward me.

"I didn't know if the guards would recognise me as the betrayer, whether Jehovahs word had reached this far.  But a large bulbous head officer had asked me if I had seen a thief in this Alley.  I shook my head and told him nobody had been down here.  The guards turned and left, and thus began a friendship between me an Abaddon.

"We travelled rallying support for a rebellion until one day we hit a village where Jehovah's caravans had reached ahead of us.  This was a village that had shorted the order and I watched them as they raged a bloody rain of terror upon the village.

"I did what I could this time, killed six Guards, Abaddon killed four and organised the villagers into driving them back.  Through whatever odds the Villagers prevailed, and the attack led by the wonderfully brilliant Michael was pushed back outside the borders.  But we were seen by the Guards, and was instantly recognised.  Gabriel was furious and promised that they would come back to the village with an entire army.

"The remaining Guards created a siege around the village, and all hope was lost for it's survival.  One by one Abaddon helped villagers out a few at a time until only a handful of us were left when the Army arrived.  One of the villagers, a young male named Baal realised the folly and started a fire in the village and led us down into a cellar of an old abandoned house.  The fire raged above us, the few saved villagers huddled closely in this heated oven of a hole until the fire was out.

"I suppose the army thought we had all killed ourselves and the next day marched out.  Abaddon, Baal and myself became the first small faction of the fallen and we met the others at a later time.

"But do you see why we hate and fear these angels so much?  Why we grant them the hatred and dispassion they deserve.  Heaven has long been run by what Humans call a dictator.  A monster who has no interest in ruling other than for himself.  Raping, murdering, it all has been gonig on since the beginning of the war, and now it still continues.

"We as the fallen wanted equilibrium.  We wanted to be able to choose who ruled us, created a diplomatic democracy, but Gods will had run too far.  He has warped the minds of Humans and continues to pressure Hell into submission.  Now we are separated from the Demons I wonder what hope we have left."

The End

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