Chapter 6 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Emanuelle stopped the car at the back of three terraced houses in Corby.  She rested her head on the still steering wheel breathing very deliberately she turned her head to Belial.

"Where are we?"

"This is one of my houses on earth.  If I leave Moebius' house late I usually come here."  Belial got out of the car and pushed the gate to the middle properties garden.  It was a simple house with simple uses.  The kitchen was painted a light blue and the rest of the house was the colour of milky coffee.

Belial carried a sleeping Greaves to his living room and lay him on a bottle green leather couch.  The room was furnished with simple cheap pale pine effect furniture with a small television set in the far right corner near the garden window.  Lighting a pretentiously named 'enchanted forest' incencse stick he ushered Emanuelle through the kitchen and put the kettle on.

"The one thing that Humans managed to get right was the combination of tea, sugar, water and milk.  Want to try some?"  Belial asked.  Emanuelle simply nodded and wacthed him busy himself to the simple domestic task in silence.  It struck her that she had learned so much about demons terrible power over the last seventy years and yet had never witnessed the terrible power that they held.

Belial was by no means a gentle soul, but she had to give him a soaring gratitude for her being alive.

"Is Greaves going to be ok?"  She asked suddenly.  Belial simply nodded and shrugged in an awkward positive.  

"I am going to wash the wound in a few minutes and then we can talk."  Belial brought her tea to her and placed it on the thick pine table.  Gratefully she wrapped her slender fingers around the green cup and sank in the out of place leather chair by the kitchen window.

Belial poured hot water into a bowl and added some mysterious liquid to it.  She caught a pungent whiff of something medicinal and watched him leave the room.  Minutes later he was back wiping a thin red mess from his hands.  The medium built demon sat on a silver stool and faced her.

"What are you doing here?  YOu know nothing of me, you have now more than likely made yourself a very powerful enemy with the whole of heaven.  Not to mention that Gabriel wont forgive you for pelting his soldiers with rocks.  What were you playing at? You owe me nothing, I am your enemy."  Belial spoke in a deliberate monotone.  His words hung for a moment before Emanuelle leant forward.

"I know nothing of you Belial, but you returned me to heaven after cradling me like a baby, delicately placing me on soft ground and walked off with a tear in your eye.  Forgive me, but that is not the stereotypical actions of a bloodthirsty demon now is it?  I was curious to find out why you hadn't ripped me limb from limb in a frenzy akin to my expectations."  Her thin eyebrows raised high on her forehead as if Belial had asked a stupid question.

"Stereotypes are rarely correct are they?  Where are you from?"


"No where in Heaven are you from?"

"A village called Gabriellen."

"I know it.  I saw a female raped there years ago.  A Seraphim fed his own pleasures in a brutal fashion and as his colleague I was expected to endure the sight.  And endure it I did, afraid to speak or go against the righteous word of god I endured more than you can ever hope to imagine."  Belial spoke simply.

"This has what relevance?"  Emanuelle said without sarcasm.

"You said you know nothing of me, and your description of Demons is exactly what I witnessed nightly at Jehovahs command.  you cannot hope to comprehend the depth and gravity of the war until you understand how the reality has been warped in your teachings. Belial sipped from his cup, the warmth of the tea made him relax a little.

"Then maybe, just so we understand each other, and just so I understand the Demon that I have been trapped in a whirlwind, you ought to tell me."  Emanuelle looked directly in the watery eyes of Belial.

"It is no easy tale Emanuelle, this has been a long war."

"Tell it anyway."
The End

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