Chapter 5 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Belial was gratified to see the vehicle had nearly a full tank of fuel, and more thank just a little thankful for the cars ability to hit ninety without so much as a shudder.  Behind him Gabriels car ws gaining ground.

Greaves was screaming in agony behind him, every bump had accentuated the pain in his shoulder tenfold and the screeching was really getting on Belials nerves.

"Have you ever driven one of these before?"  Belial asked Emanuelle sternly.

"Never, I have never left Heaven until last night."  Belial cursed under his breath and then gave swift instructions on how to work the pedals and the gears.

Swiftly she slid her slender body under his giving Belial the opportunity to roll over to the front passenger seat.  Emanuelle hit the kerb of a roundabout and proceeded to traverse over the bumpy grass hitting Belials head on the roof.

As he rubbed his skull he clambered into the backset and positioned himself next to Greaves.  

"The arrow has got a barb on the end.  I'm going to have to push it through a little way.  Brace yourself Greaves, this may just bring a tear to your eyes."

Without asking permission Belial gripped the shaft and with a tremendous effort he forced the arrow further through Greaves' shoulder.  Crimson splattered the windscreen behind him accompanied with a howl that almsot curdled the blood in the air.  Belial was spattered with the vile warm rose coloured liquid.  

He quickly looked around the car and found an old rag dirty and abviously used for cleaning the windows or buffing the motors shiny red body.  He gripped the rag in his hand as he broke the head from the shaft and yanked the rest of the arrow back from where it came.

Another high pitched choking scream emitted from the wet gaping mouth of greaves.  Quickly Belial used the rag to assemble a tight tourniquet around the wound, pressing hard to stem the claret flow.

The back windscreen shattered as an arrow forced it's way into the car and imbedded itself in the marble effect plastic dashboard.

"How the hell did that get in here?"  Greaves cried through the agony.

"Stupid human technology, they still only use glass to protect their cars with."  Greaves looked at Belial not comprehending.  "Glass is just heated sand, the arrow was more than equal to the task.  Does anyone here have a weapon?"

"A dagger."  Emanuelle spoke as though forcing her words through a wall of concentration.

"It's better than nothing, give it here."  Belial ordered gruffly.  Emanuelle went through a painstakingly comic shtick of trying to release the dagger from it's holster kept on her thigh.  Eventually she produced a rather orante gold hilted mini sword.

"Very posh."  Belial quipped.

"Do want the thing or not?"  She growled.

Belial snatched the dagger swiftly and then with sheer brute force smashed the sunroof with his elbow.  Dropping swiftly back to passenger seat below him he took a deep breath.

It took a few moment for Greaves to make the connection between the dagger and the sunroof.  As he watched Belial pull himself through it with a swift agility he understood the madness that was about to ensue.  Belial looked through the open hatch, keeping low so as to avoid unecessary contact with flying arrows.

"Do you both have phones?"

"Yes."  They answered simultaneously.

"Give me yours greaves, keep driving and call me in ten minutes Emanuelle."  With that Belials head disappeared from the broken sunroof.

Moments later he was soaring, a well aimed acrobatic leap from the car toward the pursuing automobile.  He could have been flying to his doom, the archer was standing halfway out of their sunroof taking aim.  He could have been a feather floating above the swift movement below him.  Belial was free for a fleeting moment.  He was the wind, and he was nature itself.  Slowly the archer aimed his longbow in the direction of the flailing Belial.  He was too late.

Belials whole body smashed into the archer with momentum and gravity behind him.  He had cleared a ten foot gap and crunched against the archer like a demonic cannonball.  Belial heard the angels spine crack beneath him but still he stabbed the limp chest of the brave and very dead archer.

Quickly gaining his balance holding his body against the rushing wind behind him he pulled the archer from the and confiscated his longbow and stealing his last three arrows.  Nocking the arrow he pulled and released the arrow into the car aiming for the drivers side.

He felt the car beneath him begin to roll so once more he leapt this time to the roadside.  As he hit the path he felt an awkward jarring in his left leg and winced with an inflamed agony.  Quickly he rolled on the path and forced himself to a kneeling position.

The cars roll was mesmerising, sparks flew behind it as it arched and dragged across the road.  Glass flew from it like water from a violently shaking wet dog.  Slivers of glass and metal arched graceful trajectories underneath the cold amber lamplight, before the car hit a tree on the opposite side of the road.  Belial aimed his arrow.

Greaves phone began to ring in his pocket.  He quickly answered it and put it to his ear instructing them to slowly come back.  His eyes never left the upturned car and his longbow was ready for action.

Eventually the passenger side door opened and Gabriel spilled out shaking and covered with blood.  He stood up slowly and awkwardly in obvious agony. Glaring at Belial he pulled his sword from the car.

"Do you really think tonight is suitable for fulfilling prophecies Garbiel?"  Belial gritted his teeth through the pain in his left leg.  "I have the upperhand now, make one more move toward me and you will become a kebab I promise you that."

Gabriel spat blood and half a tooth onto the road beneath his feet then grinned a scarlet, macabre, ironic smile back at Belial?

"And what do you want to do now then?  My soldiers are dead, it's only you and me now.  Why not stake your claim on the future now?"

"I just want a lift.  Emanuelle and Greaves will be back in a few moments and you will peacefully let me into the car and you will not follow.  That way we live to fight another day."

Gabriel did as commanded.
The End

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