Chapter 4 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Balthazar had called Saracen to him.  Saracen was still clad in the garb of his order, armed still from the earlier fight and shaking just a little too much to be called controlled.  As he walked into Balthazars living room he listened silently to his new instructions.

They were simple, he was to arm himself and ten others ready to hunt Belial and the rest of the fallen.  He was not entirely comforatble with the thought of chasing his old general across the cosmos, and even less comfortable with aiding Gabriel in the slaughter.

But he made his heavy way to the dark barracks ready to obey the orders he was given.  The new regime of power in hell was not greeted fervently by all, and some tasted the bitterness of the betrayal more than others.

Saracen was one of those left with a less sweet than vile taste in his mouth.  He had never respected Belial, but he had respected Balthazar even less.  Above all he had respected Satan with a passion akin to obsession, hanging on his every order.  Now it had all gone so horribly wrong.  

His Generals were somewhere fighting for their lives, and Saracen was going to make things a whole lot worse.  

Maybe he didn't understand Belials determination to preserve the moral code of the Demons entirely, and maybe he didn't understand the reason behind saving the angel over the life of one of his own; but he understood that Belial rarely lost his cool over anything.  So it must have been important.

Now they were hunting demons instead of Angels.  Fate had a twisted sense of humour sometimes

The End

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