Chapter 3 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

Belial didn't move or utter a word, he just watchde Eight Angels emerge from the trees.  Eight, or even ten if you included the Emannuelle and her silent partner, against him; a typical display of heavenly courage.  Belial had no weapon to reach for, but he did not flee, he stood his ground.

The seven companions of Gabriel were all clad in white and wore masks.  Menacing and glowing they stood in the swathing night all wearing the same white face with black outline for the eyes and mouths.  One of them was carrying a longbow, obviously forged in Jehovahs palace arsenal.

"I see good news travels fast."  Belial remained motionless but eyes subtly scanning for nature to proffer him a weapon or an escape route.  Nature, tonight it seemed, cared not for his plight.  A small pile of rocks five or ten feet to his left, too far to run in front of the archer.

"Interesting how eMercy sometimes is akin to weakness don't you find Belial?  Both manage to get you killed in the end, and to think you saved her life hours ago and here she is ready to die anyway."  Gabriel looked disinterestingly at his sword and spoke with a cocky shrug.

"She isn't involved, she sought me out merely to ask why I showed her mercy.  She needn't be involved in this fray."  Belial remained statuesque.

"And her brother?"  Gabriel inquired with a hint of feigned inquisitiveness winding it's way around his tongue.

"Hasn't said a word."

"And what have you told her?"

"I told her I was a murderer and that it is unwise that she be here."  Belial was already tired of the exchange if he were to die tonight then he would rather it be over with without exchanging the banter with Gabriel.

"But still she stands, and by the looks of it right behind you."  

"Well you know females mate, can't tell them anything."  Belial knew that Gabriel would not let them walk away this time, and once again it fell to Belial to find her a way out of another dire situation.  Again his eyes scanned the surroundings.

"I feel a touch of destiny on the air, an opportunity not to be missed you know.  Nothing personal but I wouldn't want the seer to be proven wrong, might as well be now."  Gabriel ran his eyes up his sword again.  He levelled his eyes directly at Belial.

Belial knew that he would charge any second and motioned behind his back for the two Angels to stay out of the way.  His focus would be needed, he definitely did not need well meaning hazards like Greaves and Emannuelle involving themselves in his fight.

The wind whipped around his face and all at once he caught a subtle scent of pine and rotting leaves.  The moment he had to appreciate this was all too short, Gabriel rushed forward sword aloft.

Belial took two steps forward ensuring that Gabriel rushed too far.  As the sword came down Belial grabbed Gabriels wrists, both of which were locked around the brown hilt.  There was a momentary struggle for gravity and advantage when Belial curled his whole body into Gabriel dealing him a sharp elbow to the throat.  Turning again just as swiftly Belial aimed a sickening crunching kick at Gabriels crotch.

The choking agony of Gabriel had forced him heavily to the soft grass.  The grip on the sword had become limp.  Four of the swordsmen rushed forward in a tight organised line.  Belial was outnumbered and outmatched but still he stood his feeble ground.

Without warning a rock flew past his shoulder and smashed abhorently into the mask of the Seraphim on the outer right flank.  Emannuelle had come to his aid, a second dealt his partner a broken jaw.

Without hesitating Gabriel rugby tackled the nearest of the remaining two warriors and propelled him toward the Archer ten feet away.  Ducking underneath the remaining warriors sword and punching him in the ribs Belial watched the Archer and the thrown Swordsman become entangled in a fierce collision.  The remaining three swordsmen rushed in as two of the prone warriors struggled to find their feet.

The stones from behind him increased in intensity.  As the first soldier reached him Belial felt a heavy thud on his right shoulder from behind, spinning him to the ground with a burning ache he heard someone utter 'oh my goodness.'

Emannuelle hissed violently and rushed toward Belial.  Seeing her charge he shook his head.  Planting his hands firmly into the ground, he used his wrists as a pivot, and his body as a wheel to kick out a warriors legs from under him.

Finding his feet he backed away from the fray.  All warriors were up on their feet including a black faced Gabriel.  He had one option.

"Run."  He cried and pelted toward the Angels and roughly guided them toward a small wall behind four middle aged oak trees.  Their flight was smooth and swift, the air into which they ran seemed to freeze Emanuelles hair horizontal behind her as they dove over the wall.

The sound of heavy sprinting feet was enough for them to quickly gather themselves up and sprint down the long road.  The chase was on and behind him he could here Gabriel barking orders to follow and shoot.

Shoot?  He had forgotten about the archer.  He was reminded in an instance as a silvery arrowhead appear from the right hand shoulder of Greaves.  His already awkward loping frame arched and toppled simultaneous it seemed to the piercing feminine squeal that came from his mouth.

Belial caught him and dragged him few yeards until he found his feet.  Blood dripped onto the road beneath their feet.  They now had a serious problem, Greaves was a burden to them slowing their escape.

As if a prayer had been answered a red car came toward them from one of the side streets and had them caught in its headlights.  The driver obviously aware of their distress stopped the car to offer help.  Belial thanked him by throwing him a vicious punch to the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out instantly.  Not that he regretted the decision too much, but at least they now had a car.

Greaves was bundeled into the backseat and Belial jumped into the drivers side of the running motor.  Belial hit the accelerator just as another car came racing from behind him.  

Gabriel and three of the Warriors had almost made it to the car when the motor powered them onto the road.  Relief washed over Belial momentarily.  They had ecaped, for a moment, and only a moment it was.  The car behind them stopped and then started again with a vicious growl.  Gabriel had hijacked the car behind them.  They were not out of the woods yet.
The End

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