Chapter 2 (PArt Two - Toward Persephone)

Balthazars promotion to the pinnacle that he had only dare dream of prior to this moment was marred only by the unsporting accusations concluding the trial.  He was angry with the bitter defeated wound that Belial had dealt him, the callous, acrid reference to Astaroth had embittered what Balthazar had hoped would be a flouresecent ascent into power.

The music was back on in his quarters, this time the aggresseive tones of Disturbed flooded the air as they ranted on about the need to 'get psycho'.  Balthazar thumped a table like a two year old child throwing a tantrum.

When it came to his own dreams of grandeur Balthazar was nothing if not a perfectionist.  His elevation into legend should have been worthy of songs and fanfares, his ego should have been forever drinking at the fountain of youth.

The doubt surrounding him in his first few seconds of supremacy made him vengeful.  After a moments thought he picked up his mobile phone.  He pressed the contacts button.  He found the name Gabriel.
The End

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