Chapter 1 (Part Two - Toward Persephone)

The Demons had left together and without a word to Moebius went to the bar and drank in silence.  After agreeing to meet up the following afternoon the dispersed and found five different driections to travlel. 

Belial felt sick with guilt, not over the deaths of his warriors, but over the judgment passed upon his friends.  He was gratified by their loyalty, but disgusted by himself for not intervening and stopping them ruining their own legends.

The Northampton streets were dead and cold.  It was four in the morning on a Wednesday and the world slept it's ignorant way ready to get up and face the daily grind of their pointless tasks.

HIs feet echoed lightly on the cracked pavement as he walked away from the centre of town toward Abington Park.  A lush quiet green quilt of tranquility lay ahead of him, the odd vixen screaming in the trees near the bowling green.

Never before had his head felt so heavy as it had this night, a welling up of emotion and guilt had leaked a fury into his blood.  A desire for vengeance replaced the aforementioned feelings as he began to plot ways clear the names of his comrades.

Amidst the scheming and planning her voice came to him like a sweet breeze in the middle of a stifling desert.

"Moebius told me I would find you here."  Belial turned swiftly around to see the Angel he had saved earlier.  She was garbed in a green dress, emerald in the moonlight.  Her features prominent in the lunar glow of earthly night.

Behind her stood an slight built Angel wearing silver glasses and an olive tunic.

"I am Emanuelle, and this is my brother Greave. We have come to find you."  She spoke simply motioning toward the awestruck Angel over her shoulder. 

He could make out a tendril of fear creeping across his shadowy face, but his resolve and curiousity kept him stationary behind her.

"You shouldn't be here, I am an advert for destruction.  Before long Gabriel and his legion of parasites will find me, and then without my rapiers I stand no chance.  Save yourself and be useful to someone else."  Belial  spoke as if he were exhausted and turned his head away from the static upright pair.

"I only came to question your actions?  Why did you return me to heaven?"  Emannuelle spoke softly clearly a lump sat firmly behind her slender neck.

"It doesn't matter."

"I does to me Belial.  My teachings tell me you are a cruel beast, yet because of you I am here able to thank you for your mercy.  Why is that if you are such a fiend and a murderer?"

"I am a murderer Emannuelle.  I have murdered for years, for god and for the right to be free.  A soldier murders all the time, why would i be so different."  Belial breathed a heavy breath.  "If you must know, I didn't want to put you through the pain of interrogation after that foul ape tried to mutilate you."  Belial would have said more but for the flash of light on metal in the trees behind the two angels.

He then saw the familiar figure emerge from the trees. 

"YOu have been followed Emannuelle."

Gabriel grinned behind her.

The End

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