Chapter 17 (Part One - Before the Banishment)

Balthazar and Aim were stood at the entrance to Hell, the club had died and a vulturous gaggle of onlookers had gathered in interest to see the return of Belial and his comrades.  There was a sick air of aniticpation in the crowd.  To Aim this place was alien, full of Alien demons.

The fully lit club seemed unnatural without the flashing spectrum of hot neon that usually accompanied this setting.  The dance floor was empty aside from two or three Demonic warriors ready to pacify the Demons should any fray break out.

To Aim everything had spiralled out of control over the last few hours, he understood the reasoning behind Belials muredrous acts, but Balthazar was determined to ignore the circumstances.  Even Aim understood everything Balthazar was destined to gain from this, a place amongst the fallen, a heroic welcome from all Demons for the rest of eternity.  He stuffed his hands in his pocket.

Accompanying Balthazar and Aim were three heavy set warriors ready to apprehend Belial as he strode back through the portal.  The others would return and he would insure a strained interrogation of all members of the fallen, Balthazar may even break one or two more of them ready for another trial.

Never before had Aim felt so torn in Hell.  The fallen were legendary figures to him, if it wasn't for Belial he would never have had shelter and time to recuperate after falling himself a heavy distance from the 'Righteous' grace of Jehovah.

Aim himself had, as an angel, created a small faction of betrayers in Heaven feeding information to Baal and Belial two centuries previous.  Jehovahs discovery of this led to the eventual demise of Baal when his prophecy was finally fulfilled in ironic tragedy.

During one secret meeting in Babylon Aim had met with Belial and Baal to pass information to them about pending attacks when they were ambushed by Arch Angel Peter and five of Michaels Seraphim.  It was Aim who had led them there unwittingly, and having them surrounded a bitter fray ensued.  Baal had tripped mid battle and fell face first into the sharp axe of Peter.

Belial had managed to escape with Aim, bleeding and nauseous.  Slipping on the brink of existence Belial carried Aim to the portal and into Hell to mend him.  Aim's circle of betrayers were slaughtered and only Aim held the legacy intact.  Belial had saved him, and yet here he was ready to condemn him.

The club was as silent as a grave, little movement occurred amongst the surrounding demons.  Aim was uncomfroatble.  Balthazatr felt quite excited and at ease.

Long had he usurped the position of the fallen and still he was shaking with anticipation for no longer could he be denied.  His long fingers were coiled in a tight fist and each second slowly beat out the length of hours.  Finally the fallen stepped through the portal. 

To his horror Belial was being held almost against his will by Satan and Lucifer.  The fallen had arrested him.  He cursed his bad luck, they would now be able to attend the trial as heroes, no interrogation necessary they had brought the traitor back themselves.

Satan threw Belial at Balthazars feet. 

"All clean and ready to cook."  Lucifer looked squarely at Balthazar as he spoke.

Belial lay prone on the floor looking at Balthazars feet.

"Well well what have we here?  It seems your treachery will go rewarded after all.  Even your friends have turned on you."  Balthazar spoke in a very slippery elated voice.

"You shall have no reward for this Balthazar.  You will always be a snake."  Belial stood up in front of him.  "Shall we proceed? I have a trial to attend."

"How long before the trial begins Balthazar, an hour?"  Satan asked.

"No need for delay I have the court already convened, six members of the counsel with myself judging proceedings."  BAlthazar grinned.

"The court already gathered.  How surprising."  Abaddon scathed. 

The fallen picked Belial up and led him past Balthazar and Aim and made for the court of the Demons.

The End

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