Chapter 13 (Part One - Before the Banishment)

Belial stood on the dancefloor amid the carnage. Above him stood a macabre tableau.  All the fifteen surviving Demons still on the balcony had watched the scuffle with repellent horror.  Only satan seemed unaffected by the results of the exchange.

Minutes seemed to crawl by before the movement amongst the Demons began.  A slow rippling realisation crept over the troop as the sight of Belial and Abaddon covered in blood registered within them caused the smarter members to back away first.  The rest followed.

"There is a portal straight back to Hell at the back of this club Aim.  Take them and inform Balthazar, in your own words what has transpired here."  Satan's booming level voice needed no question or argument.  The Demons were scurrying clumsily backwards to their Portal.  The club emptied rapidly.  When all the Demons were gone, the Fallen looked around.

"Erm, can I leave as well please?"  From behind the D.J's box crawled the small, sunglasses wearing, fake tanned D.J.  Satan nodded.  Lucifer stifled a small laugh, and Abaddon walked to the door and held it open for him as he ran out stooped with his hands over his head cursing.

Now apart from the unconscious Angel the Fallen were truly alone.

"Have you gone mad?"  Beelzebub roared at Belial.  His frame shook with suppressed rage, and his hands were clenched into snow white fists.

Belial continued looking down into the spreading pool of red beneath his feet.  Moments and fragments of what had transpired were clicking into place, sickening piece by sickening piece.

"You have just slaughtered Aamon, who may have deserved it, but turning Timon into a Demon shish kebab may have been taking it a little far Belial."  Beelzebub spat each word out like it was a piece of rotting meat.  "What do you expect..."

"Give your tongue some respite will you!"  Abaddon growled.

"But what..."

"But what did you want me to do?"  Belial had broken from his trance.  "Did you want me to applaud the atrocities he was engaging in?  When have we ever in all the thousands of years we have been struggling for our little piece of equilibrium have we ever indulged in such horrific little pleasures?  We are not supposed to be like the humans believe us to me.  We are demons, we are NOT demonic.  Tell me why defending the very principles that you, among the rest of us, laid down as code for all generations of Demons, should be so abhorrent?"  There was no waver in his voice, just an unfeigned rage.

"Be that as it may Belial, we have a spot of bother now."  Lucifer had made his way down to the dancefloor cautiously to join Belial and Abaddon.

"A spot of bother?  Kudos to the master of the gentle euphimism."  Beelzebub was still shouting.

"Get bent."  Lucifer spat.

"Oh come on Lucifer, there had to be another way to solve that.  What about good old fashioned reason?"  Beelzebub spat back.

"Reason?  Timon jumped up and started attacking me without provokation.  I wasn't even involved in the fray.  If Belial hadn't stuck him I'd have been in a 'spot of bother'."  Abaddon moved to the centre of the dancefloor next to Belial accompanied by Lucifer.

"You killed a Demon.  The worst act of treachery according to our laws."  

"Then our laws are flawed."  Belial breathed.  "They always have been, we let lesser men sit on the thrones of our counsel passing the power that we all shared down to the likes of Balthazar and forgot the war was the only purpose we were formed."

"If Aim is smart he will say very little about it."  Lucifer said matter of factly.

"If Aim is smart he will tell the truth to Balthazar.  We do not want any cover ups amongst the fallen."  This was the first Satan had spoken since the club had emptied.  Uncharacteristically his voice was soft and pensive.  "Belial you are condemned for your actions, and thus it must be amongst the Demons in hell for you to be tryed as such.  Justice needs to be seen to be done, or Balthazar will have Hell overturned.  Fortunately the rest of us can still intervene and ban the execution.  He may be banished on our whims."

"That would suit him down to the ground that."  Beelzebub made no effort to conceal the chided comment.

"Why could you just not contain yourself Belial.  We needed you in this war.  You banished means Gabriel will have the whole of Heaven overturned hunting you wherever you go."  Abaddon looked at Belial with watery eyes.

"We ought to go back to Hell now."  Lucifer said softly.

"Not yet, we must go to Moebius.  I have an angel to return, I wont have her submitted for interrogation after the torture she has received.  I will take her back to heaven.  If Gabriel wants me there he can have me, I will go unarmed."

The End

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