Chapter 12 (Part One - Before the Banishment)

Balthazar was on his feet, pacing furiously, excitedly around the opulent room.  Behind his furrowed brow a mind was racing with passion and victory.  A member of the fallen, breaking the unbreakable law of all Demonkind.  The testament to years of machinating and fantasising delivered to him by Aim, was a tribute to his eternal patience.

Belial would be brought to the counsel, he would be tried as the beast he was.  No more would Belial's accusations plague him, there would be no survival for Belial's knowledge and suspicions.  Balthazar could shake off Astaroths demise for good and take his rightful place at the table of the fallen.

For a while his subjugation led him to the thought that he could punish Satan as a cohort, but sense reminded him of his place against Satan, and the support  he actually had against the greatest warrior and hero that Hell had ever held above it's fickle heads.

But Balthazar was elated, he only regretted that he could not have been there to witness the damning act itself.  A Demon slain by a greater Demon, and Balthazar waiting in the wings to offer justice.  A terminal justice that the Fallens' own law demanded.  It would be a great epic story to watch from strt to finish.  

But Balthazar would have to content himself with just playing his little part in the charade.
The End

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