Chapter 8 (PArt One - Before the banishment)

Chapter 8 (Part One - Before the Banishment)


Lucifer caught up with Belial just at the entrance to the Barracks meeting room door.  Before either could say a word they heard the echo's of a minor ruckus behind the thick mahogany.

Belial opened the door forcefully, recognising oneof the voices as that of Balthazar.  Satan, Balthazar and Aim were stood by the large rectangle table in the plush purple meeting room.

"I demand to come with you, I am more experienced and a far superior warrior to Aim."  Satan had obviously broken the news gently to Balthazar.

Aim was a stocky and coarse looking demon, with red hair the colour of an African sunset.  Emerald green eyes burned fiercely from the rust coloured face in which they were set.  As always Aim was remaining reticent to comment on Balthazars claims, but the anger and hurt were evident.

"That doesn't enter into it Balthazar you were given an order, I would rather have you here in case all goes ill.  It is not often we send all the fallen out at once, someone would need to set a defence in case we don't make it back."  Satan remained strong and level.  It always amused Belial that you never understood the full weight and height of Satan until he was right in your face.  Balthazar was one of few demons who would dare challenge him like this.

"That's rubbish.  If you were uncertain of victory you would want your best warriors there."  Balthazar hissed.

"And that is why you are staying snake."  Belial could contain himself no longer.  "Aim will be more than sufficient and will be travelling as one of my own warriors this evening.

"You conspired to this didn't you you wretched..."

"One more word and I will happily rip your throat out worm, you will probably find more interesting things to do this evening, like send another one of us to our deaths."  Belial's steely eyes burned daggers into the heart of Balthazar who promptly sat down on a purple easy chair.

"I will have mine."  Balthazar murmured.

"Aim get your gear, Balthazar if you wish you may stay and hear us deliberate over tonight actions, but you will have no further involvement.  Belial who will accompany you?"  Satan sat down at the table and leant back on his chair.

Lucifer and Belial took their seats in the padded room.  The light was bright, burning from three cone shaped lanterns dangling from the low ceiling.  In the corner of the room was a large white board and a computers light was dim in the far right corner.  Lucifer scraped his feet along the coarse lilac carpet and turned his head to Belial.

"An Acolyte named Aamon will join us.  I will have my two lieutenants Timon and Saracen as my flanking swords with Aim bringing up the rear.  Aamon will be placed behind me in the centre."  Belial drummed his fingers on the table.

"Aamon is a strange choice, but your lieutenants attendance is very wise."  Lucifer chimed in uncertainly.

"Aamon is the only Acolyte who dared accept a challenge from me.  The others I sensed would have been too reticent.  He has promise that few others show."  Belial spoke very matter of factly.

"I'm bringing the four most tested warriors of my Order.  Caan, Terra, Causha and Artemis.  We will take a simple box configuration until the battle unfolds and then we shall improvise as always."  Satan looked away from the table, the information he had given meant only one thing.  He was ready for all manner of violence and all manner of bloodshed tonight.

The low room remained silent until all of the fallen had entered and gave the names of their respected troops.  It seemed that Belial had provided the only surprise of the night, all were ready for a great manner of onslaught bringing highly trained warriors with them.

"The last thing I will say to you all is simple.  Retreat if I give the call, make sure that none follow you back to Moebius.  We leave in three hours, make what preparations you deem necessary."  Satan stood up and left the room.  The next time they would all meet they would be on their way to a battle.  They would be on their way to destiny.


The End

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