Chapter 6 (Part One:Before the Banishment)

Satan sat puzzled at the table, he subconsciously scratched his cheek and chin deep in thought.  The news had surprised everyone of those left around the table, Lucifer sat motionless, Beelzebub mouth agape and eyes wide, Abaddon concerned.

It was Satan who spoke first.

"She is really going to let us use the time portal to ensure that we intercept the attack in time?"

"She wouldn't explain why to me, she just said it gave us time to face the attack.  She also mainatined that it was imperative to the overall mechanism of fate that Balthazar remain here."  Belial spoke softly for the first time in years.  All at once he felt comfortable again, surrounded by a cushioned blanket of intrigue, he was at peace again.

The room fell silent, and the silence echoed from the stone walls around.  There was none of the hubbub that Belial had anticipated, no excited chatter, just a shadow of wonder, and a veil of anxiety.  They were all anxious, Lucifer was sweating beads of trepidation, Abaddons very skin mirrored worry and concern.

"Why Balthazar Belial?  I know you disdainfully hate him, is this not a ploy to keep hjim from entering the time portals?"  Beelzebub eyed Belial conspicuously.

"I know he is an unworthy creature, except he is a worthy warrior.  I wouldn't assume to make the decision for him to stay, but that is how it is.  This attack is riddled with fate allegedly, if the prophecies and outcome are to reach their course naturally then we ought to trust Moebius."

"And when have you EVER trusted Moebius?"  Satan hadn't meant to growl, but the rasp and aggression were delivered anyway.

"Never Satan, but she is seldom, if ever, wrong about the prophecies or the war."  Belial was patient, he had expected an inquisition from all sides, and felt he had fallen relatively lucky that not eeryone was screaming and animatedly waving their arms.

"Did she say how many were part of this attack?"  Lucifer chimed in, a tremor evident on his voice.

"25.  Michael, one dozen Seraphim and one dozen Fledglings."

"Then we must match that, if each of us takes four of our best warriors with us we should be able to ward off this attack.  but we must proceed carefully, Moebius is stressing that there is destiny involved in this fight, and for us that is never something to take lightly."  Satan was matter of fact once more.  "It has been so long Belial, are you sure of your Warriors' capabilities?"

"Almost as sure as I am of my own.  We will need to honour our code to the counsel, I think Aim should accompany us, he can fight by my side if you so wish."  Belial swept his gaze across the wide table.

He saw a myriad spectrum of emotion, from Anger to Fear seeping from his compadres.  If all was correct as per Moebius' previous monologue, then something will change.

"Did Moebius say anything else?" Abaddon asked.

"No, that was all."  But she had said more to Belial, she had unexpectedly gave Belial more.  She had wished him good luck.

The End

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