Chapter 17 - Of Battles and Boxes

Simon was startled by the emphatic entrance of Balthazar and Emmanuelle.  He was caught so off guard that Emmanuelles first trio of blows had to be ducked and avoided rather than deflected.  A stream of blasphemic curses befouled the air as Simon tried to plead with her to stop. 

During the aggresseive tirade Balthazar searched the room for any further Angels.  To his satisfaction and puzzlement this Angel was alone.  He watched as Simon rolled under a desk and stood up keeping the furniture between him and this unexpected femme fatale barbequeing him with ferocious stares.

'Stop, whoever you are just stop.'  Simon shouted as loud as he could. 'You are making a mistake I have the book the Cherubim wanted.  I have the diary.'

Emmanuelle stopped trying to cut her way through the large heavy desk and breathed in hard.  She struggled to find the words that were in her throat setting like jelly.  It was Balthazar who spoke.

'Emmanuelle this is not your brothers murderer.'  The words were little more than a barely audible hiss, but it was enough to disarm Emannuelles fierce resolve for the moment.

'He's right Emmannuelle, I have the book.  The one from the Bureau but is there not another book he needs?'  Simon circled the table between them ensuring that the enraged warrior stayed absolutely opposite him.  'Stop and think, I am outnumbered by you both and it would do me no favours to lie to you.  You are both strong and I am merely a tracker.'

The information hung in the thick hot air sticking to Emmanuelle like a leech with a fever.  She fought with her conscience for a single reason just to leap the table and thrust her thirsty blade through his throat, after all he had the book.  Balthazar and Emmanuelle could find the diary themselves.

'I know your pain, I saw Gabriel slay your brother, but it will not bring him back to kill another Angel ready to fall.'  Simon spoke slowly and with sincerity.  'It would not be my task to collect items for Gabriel.  That is only the work of those that could earn him the praise of Jehovah, and I am NOT one of those, please lay down your arms.'

'And that I would not advise either Emmanuelle.'  Balthazar stood behind Simon and pressed his sword to the small of his back and pushed him forward into the table. 'This man has proven to be neither friend nor foe so far, so he is not to be trusted.  Now Simon, tracker and angelic worm move yourself to the bureau and collect the diary and bring it and the book to me, that way you can at least escape here with your life.' 

Simon slid from under the blade and hurried to Balthazars bidding.  As he placed both books on the table before Balthazar he backed away to the end of the table.

'Don't touch those books Balthazar, Simon is not the only one whose loyalties are at question.  If you are behind Belial in this quest then you will let me take the books to him.'  Emmanuelle turned her attention and blade toward the Demonic politician and laid her blade against the books.

'Those books are of political importance Emmanuelle...'

'They are of importance to Belial and his men, last I checked you were neither.'

The End

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