Chapter 16 - Of Battles and Boxes.

Whilst Greaves lay cold in a room unfamiliar to him, in a world where nobody knew his name, as Balthazar and Emmanuelle rushed towards the library, and While Gabriel fell through the whilstling navy night the Centuars that Greaves had admitted into the castle had fought their way to the main doors and let the rest of the army through.

On cue the Harpies swooped from the forest and smashed into the tower windows and swept the remaining archers from the battlements.  Now all their quest entailed was to catch the Olympians and find Persephone.

A troop of Centaurs managed to corner Zeus and Hera as they tried to escape out of the door the first troop came in.  So there they found Persephone and it was realised that they no longer had a sovereign.

A heavy political tide from herein was set to ensue.

The End

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