Chapter 13 - Of Battles and Boxes

The group of Centaurs that Balthazar had allowed into the castle were heading to the vast foyer to let the main army into the castle.  The battles outcome depended on the army making into the castle.  Once inside they were unstoppable.  It was clear that the outer wall defenses were fast becoming ineffectual as the Centaurs were far better archers than those of Hades netherworld army.

Balthazar himself realised he couldn't fully hold back the angels without falling himself.  He did manage to buy the rest tof the warriors on Belials' side a good ten minutes making Gabriels troop dance around his arrows.  Nocking his last and sending it through the open door at the bottom of the stairs he escaped into the castle corridors.  Just further along the amber lit flickering walls was a small annex containing a suit of armour.  He dived quickly into it and waited.

There were cautious shouts and muted discussions behind the door he had came through, a small smile played upon his shrivelled face.  They were discussing how they believed that it was a small troop (because nothing less would have kept them from trampling up the stairs.  They were far too good for that.)

As the door opened Gabriel came through first with his bow drawn.  Balthazar risked a quick peek around the wall as they filed through.  Their direction depended on his next action.  If they turned left they would pass by him directly and without a doubt he would be spotted.  If they turned right then he would stalk them.  He wanted to know where they were heading, the longer he could remain undetected and unnoticed the better. 

The old skills that had lain dormant in his muscles for a handful of eras were awakening.  An old form of self-preservation had replaced the cowardice he had displayed so foolishly over recent years.  An unconscious acceptance of his real place prodded his mind into embracing these old instincts.  He was beginning to realise the power he craved didn't suit him, he was more useful in dying for the cause that he believed he began to embody.

Right.  They had turned right.  So the old worthy Balthazar began to stalk his prey.

The End

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