Chapter 7 - Of Battles and Boxes

It was an awesome sight to behold.  Six hundred Centaurs marching in synch with each other, almost to the beat of a silent drum that only they could feel.  Three miles from the Citadel of Persephone, and the conclusion to this incredible advancing troops journey, one hundred of them separated from the rest of the troop.  They had not all left together from the village where Hermione had given her speech.  They had sent running messengers to other villages all of whom emptied their walls of warriors and had joined them along the road.

Just for good measure one messenger had awoken a sleeping collective of Harpies who then proceded to round up a further seventy of their kin.  To add the three humanoid warriors to the mix the small army was a sight to behold indeed.

A mile before the castle's eastern side, two miles from the entrance concealing a grove of trees on the edge of the large forest lay a large sleeping hill.  This was the last cover that the army had before it would have to charge the gates of the City.  Two miles seems like a large distance to cover, but when your infantry run like horses it would still be a surprise attack giving the warriors inside the walls little chance to react.

Hermione ensure that the Centaurs were to leave all the inhabitants of the City unharmed and unscathed, however a small amount of colateral damage was to be expected as there was bound to a few heroes among those who resided there.

Balthazar had left with the one hundred Centaurs as part of their troop.  That left Hermione and Saracen to await his phone call revealing that he was in position and the battle was about to start.

Both figures lay motionless on the top of the hill listening to the muted rustlings and mumblings from the warriors below them as they surveyed the City for its initial defences.  Saracen counted a handful of archers easily neutralised by their own onrushing archers stationed almost sporadically along the City walls.  The road up to the Castle itself was almost straight and provided little in the way of obstacles.  The festivities that kept the city pulsing could provide a problem though, but Hermione assured Saracen that the majority would scatter rather than stand and fight an enraged Centaur army.

Saracen hope that this was so, the easier the route the better he wished there to be as little delay and loss of life as possible.  He understood that this was to be little more than a distraction for Belial and company, but to the Centaur this was a chance for retribution for a lot of hardship Zeus and Hades had inflicted upon their kind.

There was a real sense of urgency and the stench of adrenaline was almost tangible.  These were a vicious creature and this time their will would most definitely be done.  The added bonus of vistory would be that the Olympians would be less of a threat to the bigger picture.  Saracen also privately hoped that his actions here would be enough to exonerate him from the disapproving opinion Belial had recently coveted for him.

Hermione shuffled restlessly next to him, she had been fidgeting constantly for the last twenty minutes waiting for Balthazar to call.

Her anxiety was short lived.

The End

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