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Chapter 1:


"Gypsy rover, come over the hill, 

down through the valley so shady
He whistled and he sang, till the green woods rang 

and he won the heart of a lady"


Kerns was an idealist, whom lived in a small shack beside the pond where The Boy spent most of his time. He would often leave his home, when he wasn't busy on his father's farm, to watch The Boy skip rocks across the water.  Kerns family owned The King's favorite farm, and The King took a fancy to Kerns father, as well as Kerns himself, who would often bring his lute to the throne and play The Kings favorite melody, that The King absolutely adored.

Kerns noticed the solemn glaze in The Boy's eye as he threw rocks at the water, that now seemed to just hit the water and sink, instead of skimming across. 

I've been hanging around this boy for quite a while now, I still know little about him. Why? Doesn't make sense. If I've known him for practically years now. Maybe I should say something

"Your shot's off." Kerns murmured. The Boy swiftly turned around at the sound of the familiar voice behind him.

"Say something?", he questioned as his eyes locked with Kerns.

I guess I spoke too softly. Doesn't seem too happy...then again. Maybe I should ask him later.

"Is something bothering you?" 

"Does it have to be?"

"What?" Kerns stepped back, confused.

"You seem confused", The Boy smiled. "Is something bothering you?". The Boy began to chuckle obnoxiously to himself. Kerns starred at The Boy with quizzical amusement as The Boy began to walk along the bank of the pond.

"Wait!" Kerns shouted, to catch his attention.

"Why?" The Boy nonchalantly responded, as he continued to walk away from the uncanny lad who sat behind him so often. Kerns continued to walk along with the boy, but only slightly behind his trail. The Boy stopped in his tracks, and turned around to meet Kerns eyes, starring directly into his own.

"You know, you've been sitting behind me for about a month now," The Boy said, with no returning expression from Kerns, who just stood there with a stupid grimace plastered onto his face.  Kerns nodded his head, a motion for The Boy to continue speaking. "Well, what do you want?"

Kerns cleared his throat, "You whistle, don't you?"  The Boy's eyes quickly lightened at the sound of that word whistle.

"From time to time", The Boy murmured, "Yes". A grin erupted upon Kerns face.




Big Bear was still laying motionless, stretched out upon his bed that seemed to spread across the floor of the room in an endless infinity of fabricated comfort that he hardly needed.. He starred at the ceiling for hours on end, with nothing to keep him distracted except the momental visits from his friends both rich and poor. The poor made him happier than the rich did, and whenever the door was knocked upon he hoped that it were some loud and obnoxious slob, rather than a pompous ass. Sometimes, Big Bear was too into his own little world that he wouldn't even answer the door, regardless on how important the meeting was, or how pompous the ass was.

Not much anymore. The world seems small. The purpose is lost. Hmm. Fine wine could get me drunk, but in the end I lay hungover and empty. Maybe more wine is needed. No. No more wine. Not today at least. The best wine could be obtained with the simple signature and drop of a name. Why should I ignore that? No... No more.

The only thing that was important to Big Bear was happiness. He truly believed that life was nothing except the pursuit of happiness, and it was quite explicit that Big Bear had found his chunk of happiness and he was perfectly happy with wasting his life away. He had the money he needed, as did he have the friends he needed. To him, he needed nothing else and he truly did not need anything else. His ability to survive on minimum resources was phenomenal.

He wasn't materialistic, he did not believe in religion, and he was not very fond of the crown, although he did tolerate it. All sorts of authority in general seemed to rub Big Bears fur the wrong way. Due to previous run-ins that ended in both mass blood-shed, and incredible agony, The Kings army never came to his house, which was good for Big Bear with all of his skeletons just waiting to pop out of his closet.




The Price sat upon his bed, his legs dangling over the edge swinging back and forth like two separate pendulums swinging simultaneously. His mind was wondering to and fro throughout the corridors of his head, jumping from topic to topic every minute but always returning to her.

She remained as the prominent figure, always returning in his mind to torment him constantly, because her presence was never attained for. He had the pleasure of calling her his own, but that was only in a literal sense. As far as he was concerned, she showed no interest in him anymore, and it was certainly taking it's toll on his mental health.




"Why can't I go home!", She screamed at her father as her face turned crimson in hue and the tears streamed down her face, leaving behind a trail of wetness that she vigorously wiped away after each burst of indignation.

"You've only just gotten here! I go through so much trouble to have you sent over here every Autumn, and you can't even be grateful!" The King returned with a powerful voice that could penetrate the heavens from the depths of hell.

The King was a powerful man, with dark brown hair that stuck straight up whenever his crown wasn't on. He had a beer-belly, that showed he was well past his prime, and he was only  thirty-three. The work that came with regality proved to be strenuous and The King sometimes cracked under pressure. Irrationality would often get the best of him, and he came down upon those who defied him with truculent force that left his opposers begging for mercy, or sometimes not begging at all. However, he was quite mercurial, as he often changed his mood among various types or rage and hostility. Anywhere from mellow agitation, to downright roaring trepidation. Due to this, his daughter was often overstrung.

"I can't be grateful when you're ruining my life!". The ungrateful princess responded and ran away, her eyes to her palms to wane the tear flow.




"So let me get this straight," The Boy cleared his throat. "You play the lute?" Kerns nodded at the pause in The Boy's voice, and smiled. Things were finally going his way it seemed. "And you want me to whistle for you?"

"Exactly!" Kerns ecstatically squealed. Despite his jubilation regarding the situation, all he got was a blank stare from The Boy. "Well, what do you think?". The Boy gathered his thoughts and opened his mouth to speak.

"Whistling seems a bit...odd don't you think?" 

"Have you ever heard someone whistle over a lute?" Kerns asked.



"Exactly, what?" The Boy said, trying to prove his point. "I've probably never heard of it for a reason."

"Yeah, obviously." Kerns laughed. "No one's thought of it yet!”.

The Boy sighed, "So we'd be the first you think?".

"Maybe, I can't guarantee that though.".

"Show me how well you can play. and we'll see from there.". Kerns eyes lit up with fantastic exuberance as he lifted his finger in front of the boys face, a sign for him to wait, and then took off running for his shack. The Boy stood and waited as he pondered the idea of being the vocals to Kerns lute, and actually kind of liked the idea. He could use this to his advantage in so many ways. Now, he had a new form of entertainment, and could even bring Kerns along with him whenever Big Bear took him to dine with the rich. Besides that, he could finally woo the lady of his dreams, and perhaps even write a song just for her.

Kerns re-appeared with lute in hand, and stopped in front of The Boy, breathing heavily.

"Okay ready?" he said, hoping to impress the whistling boy. The Boy nodded his head, but maintained his stolid expression and didn't let Kerns see the actual giddiness inside of him. "Alright, cool", and at that, Kerns continued to play one of the most beautiful and melodic tunes the whistling boy had ever heard. Every string that Kerns plucked triggered the pleasure receptors in his ear, and The Boy couldn't help but whistle.

He pushed his lips together, and pushed out air that became beautiful notes that complimented Kerns lute playing with the upmost facility. A smile soon came to both their faces as the music they were creating fused together and created something amazing. It was more than just a cute tune that they were making. With this "jam-session", the bond between the two lads grew into something special.



Nik slapped Nate up the back side of his head for the third time that day.

"You fucking idiot!" Nik shouted, proceeding the slap that Nate had recently suffered from. Some sort of insult generally came with the physical abuse that Nate seemed to be semi-oblivious to. He usually freaked out, but seemed to forget about it within the minute.

"Dude, what the fuck!", Nate said as his voice suddenly augmented, and his hands went flailing around like light branches in a gail. 

"We were supposed to meet him at the pond fifteen minutes ago!", Nik shouted even louder, as he began to walk in the direction of the pond.

"Whatever, dude", Nate replied nonchalantly, "He can wait".  With that, he started to grouch his way to the pond, where he was pre-destined to be.

"You're a real prick", Nik laughed. "You know that?". Nate silently nodded.


NiknNate were an unbreakable pair, much like Samneric from Lord of the Flies. If one was somewhere, the other was there 99 percent of the time. At a young age, both sets of their parents were brutally murdered at the hands of malevolent bandits, during a raid on their village. Since then, NicknNate have depended upon each other as a means to survive in the dangerous world they lived in.

The two of them were crude, mischievous, and usually up to no good. They specialized in ill-humored pranks, which usually left the receiver of such prank in some sort of physical agony, in which NiknNate simply laughed at. No one was safe from these hi-jinx, no-one except The Boy by the pond, whom NiknNate respected with incredible sincerity. NiknNate could easily relate to this boy, because all three of them lacked parents to call their own. The Boy had lost his parents at an age far too young, and was still unaware to this day of their fates. 

At the age of nine, The Boy's parents took him to the pond where their nomadic groups had converged, and by a locking of eyes across the water, had fallen madly in love with one another. The place where his parents left their gypsy lives in the past, in hopes for a future without any bigotry and hatred. For anywhere they roamed, any place they may have set foot, they were greeted with gleams of hate. 

When they brought him there, he had glowed a golden hue and fell in love with the place, just as his mother had with his father, and vice-verse. He jumped into the pond at first encounter, and swam, climbed trees, did cartwheels in the grass, sang, and danced, all the while singing loudly, not noticing his parents, who were no where to be seen when he peered in their direction.

He panicked. He lost all sense of control, and broke down to his knees crying out for his mother. When that didn't work, he called out for his father. When he didn't answer either he just cried. He remained at that pond for weeks on end, calling for his parents, hoping that they'd one day return and take him home. He usually sat, starring out across the pond with his back to the world, unable to be aware of what was approaching, so on that one day when the large furry looking fellow came by, he was not aware.

At first, The Boy took no notice to the uncanny man next to him. It wasn't his father, and it certainly wasn't his mother, so he was of no use to him. He wished for him to leave. When he was around the company of other's the sorrow in him only grew. He saw into their hearts and saw true joy, which he was searching so desperately for. If only it was as easy as stealing their heart. Sadly though, that would merely leave a bloody mess.

"Where are you're parents, boy?", the fellow said, after a few moments of silence. The Boy looked straight ahead, and still paid no mind to fuzzy thing next to him. A single tear fell from his eye, that the thing next to him immediately took notice to.

"Come with me." he said, as he began to walk away. The Boy reluctantly followed him into the unknown world that lay in front of him.



Big Bear left his home for the first time in days, with hopes of finding other ways to waste his time. Spending time in his easy chair, shooting away his life with every will to do so has seemed to lose it's luster. The outside world was cruel, but he could be crueler. 

He walked along the road upon which he lived, and stopped to watch the traffic whiz by him. As they passed by him he tried to analyze those were driving. When he realized he couldn't, he walked onward. He always walked, and never ran unless he was playing some sort of sport or game. Big Bear had once been an all star athlete, and more often than not. put his competitors to shame.

As he grew older though, his will to have physical fun waned and his need for that extra kick rose with great force. He would waste his money, and then waste four to six hours drifting away into some sort of euphoric oblivion that ended up counting for nothing. His health was also rapidly decreasing and he often found himself laying sick in bed, with a normal temperature but a fever that stuck for hours.

He was beginning to lose all will to live, but could still call himself happy. Whether it was denial, truth, or just plain ignorance, he still smiled to others and wished them a good day. He seemed to feed off of the smiles of other's, which at this point was the only thing keeping him from completely losing it.  As long as there were people willing to return a smile to him, Big Bear could live on. It was a simplistic life style, but Big Bear was a simplistic being. He knew no lust for complexity.

As the day grew into night, Big Bear continued to walk aimlessly. Soon it became  completely dark, and he began to lose his way. He turned and turned and then turned frantic. Into his view came three ominous figures, whom were difficult to make out due to their dark clothing.

"Hey!", Big Bear shouted without even re-thinking the error in this action. With that, the three men began to chatter amongst themselves, and then walked at a fast/steady pace right at him. cracking their knuckles and laughing intimidatingly amongst themselves but aimed at the man in front of them.

A light penetrated Big Bear's eyes that seemed to be coming from the middle-mans hand. As he came closer, a blade came into sight, clenched between the middle-mans fingers.




Kerns and The Boy were still out by the pond. Kerns was luting away whilst the boy whistled, danced, and sang his improvised words about love and heart-break along with the melody. The Boy began to smile uncontrollably, as his mind raced faster than ever before. As the session went on the two slowly gained confidence in each other, and began to learn the others musical tendencies and therefore, could anticipate what was coming next.

"What the fuck is this shit?", Nate obnoxiously interrupted as him and Nik came walking.

"Hey guys!" Kerns ecstatically greeted them. "We're jamming". Nate did not look impressed, or even the slighted bit interested in what the jumpy lute player had to say.

"Shut up, faggot." Nate coldly replied, without even a hint of sarcasm or joking about. Nate was about as cold as they came, and rarely showed sympathy for anyone other than himself. Even as everyone else stood stolid, he was still loud and rowdy, with no-body except Nik to shut him up.

"Wow, dick" the boy laughed as he ceased to dance. "Way to show up on time".

"Yeah sorry dude." Nik replied. "Fucking Nate couldn't seem to leave when told to and I had to force him over here".

"That's not true!", Nate screamed as he tried to defend himself.

"Yes it is.", the boy said, and then turned to Nik. "Alright, what are we doing tonight?"

"We don't know yet, we kind of figured that you'd have something planned out."

"Do I ever?" the boy inquired. NiknNate glared at each other as they shrugged their shoulders.

"Nah" They said simultaneously.




The Price was in a moment of great doubt. He sat there speculating his options and what had led him there, and in the end decided it was all a waste. Anything that had to do with an opulent lifestyle now turned him off. His parents, his siblings, and his friends alike, they were all foreign to him. They merely acted as catalysts for him to leave this eccentric lifestyle behind.

His life-long dream of running away and starting new was imminent, and soon would become inevitable. At night, he would sit upon the sill of his window, debating whether o not to jump and run far away to never return. Tonight was no different. He watched the town below his castle, speculating the effects of his departure. Whether they be prosperous or lead him to despair, he wanted to jump and run.

Where would he go? What would he do? And who would he go to? Besides all of that on his shoulders, the idea of leading his lover left a pain in his stomach that lingered for hours. To him, it was apparent that the love between them wouldn't last, but he wasn't keen on cutting the little time he had short. He finally go what he wanted, and he didn't want to let that go, and who would anyway? He had the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom, and was about to give it up.

The door behind him creaked open, as a guest entered his room.

"Hello?", the man whispered, expecting a reply, but all he had to greet him was a cold breeze coming from an open window, with no one upon the sill.




"Let's go to the other side of town!" Kerns said as he leapt with undeniable enthusiasm.

"Why?" Nik replied. Kerns enthusiasm quickly disintegrated, and he sat back down.

"I dunno, it just seems like fun".

"Yeah", Nate murmured. "If you like getting harassed by those aristocratic assholes who lives there." The boy began to clap his hands at the close of Nate's cynical statement.

"Woohoo Nate!", he laughed sarcastically. "Aristocratic is a damned big word for you". Nik immediately began to laugh as well. Then noticing that everyone else was chuckling, Kerns let out a slight giggle, which was immediately stopped by Nate who quickly slapped Kerns across the face.

"You're  not allowed to laugh at me" Nate grumbled as he folded his arms. The boy returned that statement with a slap back at Nate.

"As long as I am, he can too." Nate slowly nodded as he understood what the boy was getting at. "That was a good idea Kerns" The boy claimed. "Let's go check out the castle!" NiknNate both stopped dead at the word castle. and stood frozen in awe.

"Why the fuck would we go there!", they both screamed simultaneously. Not much scared the duo, but the idea of getting anywhere close to the King sent shivers down their spines. The King would be elated to make the acquaintance of the two most notorious hoodlums, so he could immediately make an example out of the in the public square. "Count us out.". The boy began to clear his throat.

"Suit yourselves." He began to walk down the hilly road, away from the pond. NiknNate stood dumbstruck, and both glared at the boy. They then both set their eyes upon Kerns who was also watching the boy as he strolled away. His eyes locked with Nik's and he shrugged his shoulders and began to to run off to follow the boy, with the lute still in his hands.

"Wait up!" Kerns yelled as he quick;y caught up with the boy. The boy slowed his pace and jerked his head around to watch the squirrelly-like lad come towards him. "What do you have planned?". The boy looked straight ahead, as he opened his mouth to reply.

"We're going to the castle"

"I have realized do what?" Kerns asked.

"You'll see."

"Will I?"


They walked for hours. They walked in the sun and when the sun ceased to shine they walked under the moon. They practiced along the way as they crept through the valley, in a moment of unintentional shadiness, that sent anyone who saw them running home in a fit of fear.

"Why do you suppose all these people are going home?" Kerns inquired, at the sight of the third man who sprinted away from them.

"I couldn't begin to guess why" the boy responded, as he continued to walk towards the castle which was now half a mile away. "You ready?"

Kerns nodded his head, and strode towards the castle along side the boy.



She sat upon her sill, just as the Prince had and glared at the town below her, watching for anything that may catch her eyes. In the room next door, she overheard her father and his most trusted advisor discussing a matter of the morbid persuasion.

"I want order in my kingdom!" She heard the muffled roar of her father through the wall. "Increase our patrol numbers and I want this murderer brought to justice!". A fist slammed upon the table, that shook the floor throughout the castle.

"Of course, sir." the timid voice of the advisor responded. "Criminal outbursts like this must be kept under-control. Especially one's with such a...grim nature.". She heard her father quickly pace around the room.

"Do you think I don't know that?" The King whispered as he crescendoed to a dull roar, so that the 'That' could be heard down the hall.

"Well, of course you do sir." 

"Then don't tell me things I already know!". The King was growing impatient, which is odd because he was already impatient to begin with.

"Sorry sir." The advisor murmured. 

"How many were killed?". the King sighed.

"Three, stabbed to death with a now blood-stained switch-blade." 

"Did I ask you how they were killed?" The King grew even more impatient.

"Well, I don't believe so"

"Then don't waste my time with such mundane details!"

The Princess began to divert her attention to matters of much less importance. The three dead men peaked no interest to her, and she was not willing to focus her attention on eavesdropping on her fathers affairs.

She stared out the window, bored with the world outside. People passed far away, but none of them were anything special. She wanted someone who caught her attention at first encounter, and never ceased to interest her.

Then suddenly, she heard a soft melody from below her window. It was a lute playing a tender melody that rested well in her eardrum. Just as she got used to the sound of the lute, it was accompanied by a beautiful whistle, that melted with the sound of the lute and created a creamy musical fusion that eased and relaxed her mind.

The Princess then looked down, and noticed two figures at the foot of the castle. One had curly black hair, and was strumming along on the lute. The other was a hooded figure whom was dancing around in tempo to the music. As she watched the uncanny figure, he continued to whistle and sing, to win the heart of the lady. He sang:

"See the lady in her beauty,

She sits alone in her tower,

Her face does so appeal to me,

I watch it daily, by the hour"

Her heart ached with burning desire at the turn of every new verse. His voice brought solace to her mind and every new word that escaped from his vocal chords touched her ears with the most sensual sensitivity, that left her begging for more.

Suddenly, she remembered her pride. and screamed:

"GUARDS!", at the top of her lungs.




The End

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