Medieval Fantasy Series

" In a land in a time long since forgotten, there was great war, and chaos. That was until seven tribesmen stepped forward as leaders, trade was established with other lands nearby and the kings rose to great power and became prosperous.  They believed in peace and those who did not want peace were banished to the Nasra Islands.  The kingdoms were handed down from Father to Son for centuries. It was beautiful, so very peaceful.  Not a soul in the eastern land knew it yet but there was a western wind blowing in carrying great treachery and evil intentions."

 This is my first book or origin series you could say starts off. The prologue is always a delicate matter in my opinion and something about my prologue is rubbing me wrong. Id love opinions and input from readers. I wanted to give some what of a backstory prior to getting started in Chapter 1 but I don't want to loose the reader with an info dump. I just need a bit of a refreshing change of perspective, thank you.

The End

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