The heat of his body was seeping into my skin.  The weight of the person on top of me made my heart pound.  I was aware of his hands on my body as if they were hot coals.  They way his biceps cradled my neck, arching my head towards his.  How his taste filled my mouth, his tongue teasing me.  I slightly nibbled at his lips, setting hi off.  He gently pulled on my hair, pushing his face harder at mine.  My cheeks were burning, I hoped he couldn’t tell. I noticed my hands begin to shake, must have been the nerves. I slid my hand behind his neck to hide it. Softly, I pulled his body in closer to mine.  His lips moved slowly from mine and settled at my neck, he kissed my skin so softly that I wasn’t sure if it had actually happened.  Gradually, his lips gained pressure…I loved it!  The feeling sent goose-bumps over my body, I felt him smile against my neck, and I knew he could tell.  His had caressed my cheek when he softly returned to my lips.  I didn’t want this moment to end.  Just before my mind was lost, he eased his body off of me.  I thought back to my last action, had I done something?  Our eyes met, he saw the hurt and confusion in my face.  He assured me that everything was okay by leaning down and softly kissing me once more. This gesture, however, was not enough. I still feared that something had happened.  His body settled beside mine. He embraced me so that one of his arms wrapped protectively around my torso, the other cradling my head.  Our bodies so close, yet so far.  My mind buzzed with questions… was our relationship about to be altered?  What, did he loose interest in me?  Why was he still holding me so close if things were about to change?  I heard his breaths slow and deepen.  He had fallen asleep, thank god.  Now he wouldn’t be able to feel my heart breaking against his skin.  A bead of sweat fell from my face to his forearm…wait…it wasn’t sweat.  It was a teardrop.  Crying.  I was crying.  I lay there for a moment, letting myself go; but, in fear of waking him, I calmed down and remembered how we had gotten there in the first place.

The End

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