Prologue - Beginnings

When human-life was young on the Earth, there existed four destructive forces that sought to dominate the free world, a world that was just waking up and beginning to see the light of his own abilities. Each of these terrible behemoths derived their powers from the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The basic building blocks of human life, as important as the genetic code that defines us, they controlled each. No one knew where these beings had come from. Some assumed they had appeared from the core of the Earth, evil spirits locked away at the beginning of time. Others thought they were divine beings sent from Heaven to subjugate those who sinned and save the righteous. But these beings seemed to have spawned from the Darkness itself. As was later found, their nature was not that of swift justice from above, but evil, evil which spread across the expanse of the globe. In their wake, a trail of devastation was all that remained; armies were wiped out; cities were ravaged of all their treasures and resources and then reduced to rubble; the very ground itself burned. ‘Demons’. That was the only word that could be used to describe them, bringing with them a plague of unforgettable horror upon the people of Earth with them. Those, who would later be thought of as The Masters of all. Wherever the Demons went, fear, death and destruction followed, no one was spared, men, women, and children were all slaughtered mercilessly. Feeding off the people’s pain, their attacks grew more and more relentless. Using vast armies of magical creatures at their disposal, the creatures that had been banished from the outside world came back upon them with tenfold assault. They seemed to have no aim but to cause suffering to all those who dared oppose them. Those who were lucky enough to be enslaved starved themselves to death building the Masters’ monolithic structures. Sending their loyal spies out to spread further turmoil, the Demons brought down kingdoms from within their own walls, by stealth, trickery, or forceful means, until everyone suspected their fellows.


Forced into war, those elected leaders of their realms, the clansmen, tribal leaders, emissaries and royalty, gathered from all over the land and led what remained of their great nation’s armies into battle in an effort to defeat the evil and bring order back to their world. There was no more bickering over land, trade or wealth anymore. All remaining resources were diverted to the mission of ridding their home world of this foreign threat. Vessels, weapons and able-bodied folk, all went to the cause. The Ancients persisted to their cause, fighting for the beauty of the Earth, aiding man for this reason. The Vampyres fought for their own freedom and nothing more. Though they were united in their cause no mortal or immortal alive could stand up to these Demons. Every onslaught was a failure; every skirmish was met with huge losses. Turmoil and death was all that awaited any man that stepped into battle against them. The world was brought to its knees; a victory was inevitable for the Demons. It was clear that mankind needed a saviour, a miracle, a gift from the heavens, from their God, anything, and soon. Else all would be reduced to ash.


All hope seemed lost, after the fall of the two largest strongholds and governing bodies, until a powerful but young wizard, belonging to The Order of the Magi Tempest, who in a last ditch effort to save the destruction of the human race captured the spirits of three sacred beasts that roamed the Earth without masters to call their own in three pendants. The magical power ensnared, he then bestowed their ancient power upon three young warriors who vowed to defeat the Demons before they could usher in the age of darkness. The new warriors, armed with the mystical power of their sacred beasts battled valiantly against the demons and their armies, rallying what little people remained to help, they had nothing left to lose, but everything to win back.


However, unfortunately, they were not powerful enough to defeat the Demons, but with the help of the wizard’s magic they managed to seal the Demons in another realm, an empty dimension devoid of innocent lives for them to torture through body or mind. The young warriors mission was over. Celebrations rained down throughout the land as peace had finally been restored. Earth once again belonged in the hands of man, and the other inhabitants. Whilst the world began to mourn the huge and tragic loss of their loved ones, something truly amazing happened. Inexplicably to anyone at the time, those who had been lost to death whose bodies retained their physical being were resurrected and revived. Any injury they gained had been nullified and healed; all that could not be wound back together was the experience of death in their minds. Everyone agreed though that it was a miracle from the heavens, a blessing from above, their God had finally answered. Those brought back would learn to cope with the anguish of what they experienced on the battlefield and in death with time. The three brave warriors who banished the evil were revered for the rest of their lives and thus these heroes were committed to legends, the liberators of mankind. Though as the days begin to turn into years, which then in turn mould into decades and centuries, legends begin to fade from people’s memories, until no one remembers any more what happened those fateful days, making their honourable memory seem lost forever in the hazy mists of time.


The old allegiances that came together to defeat the evil have long since been extinguished. Many of those that came to man’s aid had been pushed out of society or long since died. Now almost four thousand years later, it seems that there are still those who exist in this world who would do almost anything to gain what they desire. Whether it is riches, influence or power, they would sacrifice it all, that people worked so hard to rebuild for their selfish needs and try to undo the events of the past and unravel the fate of the world. One person is all it could take. But when he has allies, it is an even worse thought.

The End

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