Ok This is still first draft so will be edited in the next month when I intend to have this finished. Belial is a favourite story that I have written and my mind keeps playing the scenes over and over, and my fingers start doing random things like killing people off or adding people. It reads sketchy at the moment but soon be pulling the seams apart with it. Please read my adventure.



Somewhere Near The End...

Gabriel parried his sword in one swift diagonal, fending off an uncharacteristically wild slash. One parry and his opponent has been opened up wide to the fatal blow.

Even with the roar of the battle exploding frenetically in his ears like a divine volcanic eruption; even as the evident horror of the scene before him is taking hold on those around him not accustomed to the hectic bloodletting that has littered this tremendous conflict over the thousands of years stretching behind him.  Gabriel is focussed and able to make the stab that the prophecy had granted him.

And the prophecy was true, enacted before him; slow motion replay; a memory stored.  Gabriel had completed the quest that fate had told him was his to win.  Or lose in fact.

As the vicious vibrant eyes glazed over underneath his glowing sword, Gabriel's victory turned to incomprehension.  Belial was smiling, Belial was smiling a knowing smile.  Belial was dead.
The End

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