The Truth Comes Out

I wake up... again and sit up facing the door. I don't believe it. She wanted me to die there. She wanted to leave me. Feeling anger, frustration, I rip the duvet off and open the door. I storm down the stares with all eyes watching me. Kelly is sitting with Laura at the table and I walk over.

“You!” I yell and slap her in the face. “You wanted me to die there! You were going to leave me!” Laura and someone else pulls me back away from her.

“Hey, hey... Amy what are you going on about?” Laura asks.

“I dreamt this... I’ve been dreaming about this whole thing. She left me in that pla – “the door opens, and someone enters the room. An older woman with red short hair walks over to us.

“What’s going on?” she asks

“Erm...” Laura starts to say. Next thing I know, something is stabbed into my neck, my body feels numb and I am going into a deep sleep, again. 

The End

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