UGI - Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five

The glow of the ships machines had grown subtle because everyone had taken to their quarters. Catching sleep before they reached their destination. But a girl still sat in one of the chairs. She'd stopped looking at the screen, telling her information she already knew about the planet Earth. Inside she gazed out at the stars.
Did you see these stars before they took you?

“Beta, get some sleep already.” She glanced over her shoulder and frowned at the tall man. She was struggling to adjust to the new more human-like forms. But they could hardly be noticed if they remained as they were normally. Beautiful energy dancing in the skies of their home world. It was so far away. She remembered the elders laughing at her suggestion. Over and over they told her she'd never achieve the statistics needed to own and run her own ship. She didn't, in fact she got enough to a be a second-in-command. But when Alpha heard her story and said he'd lead the ship for her she couldn't say no. This was more important than stubborn pride.

“I can't,” she replied, slumping into the seat. It was weird feeling objects as humans did. She preferred her old senses. They were less obtuse, and she was horribly aware this body could be hurt. Though Alpha assured them all the ship was conditioned to undo the change if something serious happened to their new physical form. Alpha sighed and moved from the doorway he'd been leaning on to sit next to her.
“You're not going to stop thinking about it now that you're so close to Earth. I understand that,” Alpha began. Do you? I can't even remembered what I said, I was too far gone on juice.
“But you're of no use to me overtired. And I will make you stay here,” He finished. Beta's eyes grew wide and then glared at him. Alpha's face remained calm and unreadable. In this form he had lanky strands of green hair and the same burning orange eyes they all had. Alpha thought it was because they couldn't completely hide that they were made of energy.
“You wouldn't dare,” Beta growled, her teeth grinding. She'd had this body for one week and already knew its expressions and reactions well.

“I'm the leader of this operation Beta. And it's my job to consider how fit each of my crew mates are for the job ahead,” Alpha explained. It was the same sort of spiel she'd expected. But she could see concern in his eyes.
“Fine,” Beta said, standing up. She knew she'd only catch a few hours, the rest would be flashbacks, horrible memories. Alpha reached out a hand and caught her shoulder. She followed the arms length to his face. His expression had softened some.
“Want company?” he asked. Beta smiled and cupped his face in her hands before going on tip toes to kiss him. She didn't like the ways humans made love. Though they did it multiple times, enough to wear her out that she slept peacefully.
When morning came and she saw a horizon, she knew they'd arrived. Human technology hadn't advanced enough to detect them. Rather disappointing seeing as they should've known of their existence this time round. Her new body was satisfied from the night she guessed. But she yearned to be with Alpha in energy form instead. She cleaned her body and got dressed before heading back to the main deck. Her eyebrows slanted in seriousness.

I'm ready to do this, give it your best shot humans. I will get what I came for.

The End

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