UGI - Chapter Four cont.Mature

Chapter Four (part two)

The lift dinged and he headed back to his room, unfortunately a certain Dick got in his way.
“What do you want?” Gamma asked, he was already high-strung, he didn't need Dick's crap on top of it.
“Just wanted to see if you'd have a change of heart,” he asked. Gamma opened his mouth to say hell no then remembered the girl. Andrea. What if she got hurt or worse died? Could he live with that kind of guilt. He saw a smile spread across Dick's face. It held no humour, just proud certainty.
“You planned that girl being there,” Gamma spat, annoyed at his ignorance.
“No, but I figured I may as well take advantage,” Dick replied. Gamma gritted is teeth tight enough that he heard them grant together when he jaw moved slightly.

“You know my terms,” Gamma said, Dick burst into laughter. The mocking kind, like he'd done when Gamma originally suggested the exchange.
“Then I hope you give the humans decent gear,” Gamma said, walking past. He'd have shoved as he did. But as much as he hated Dick, he wasn't worth the hassle that would cause.
“You're really going to do nothing? The one thing you're good for, and you won't do it?” He asked and Gamma froze. His shoulders started to shake before the hysterical laughter emerged. He considered glaring at Dick but didn't see the point. Instead he turned to face him with a deadpan expression.
“Sorry I'm a bad first model,” Gamma said. He saw Dick's jaw tighten before he walked away. Gamma knew this was in no way the end of it. Dick wouldn't back off until he agreed to help. And maybe he'd just given him the easiest way to do. But he wasn't going to roll over and just do it like a pet. Gamma growled at the back of his throat and punched the nearest wall. Usually he uses some level of restraint but he didn't bother. He saw the dent in the metal wall, a perfect outline of his knuckles.

He didn't waste too much time feeling bad about ruining the wall and kept walking. No way was he going back to his room, he decided to go to one of his hideouts. He knew the vent system like the back of his hand, when he had been younger he'd made himself a den in a small room that seemingly had no use. It was just a small space where the vents met really. But it was big enough for him to comfortable hide away in even at his current size. It was also the best way to hear everything. One of the vents led to the main communications lab. All the surveillance, all radio conversations. He could hear it all, see it if he climbed into the vent and looked through the grill gaps that looked down on the room. Usually it was occupied by one or two security worker, but he could hear a foreign voice this time.

He hesitated and crawled through the enclosed space to see who was speaking. The footage showed an old date. It had been sent around the time everyone had started panicking. It was a young girl, but she didn't look quite human at the same time. She had near-white skin and long, unnaturally straight, bright blue hair. Her jaw was pointed and her strange orange eyes slanted with eyelashes that reached her eyebrows.
“ … Here are the terms. And this time you will listen. Return what is ours, I don't care about your pathetic planet nor do I care for its people. And if you refuse to give it to us when we arrive very soon. Then you have declared war. My kind will not show mercy to yours.” The video stopped abruptly. The fiery depths of her eyes stayed with Gamma though. There was a fierceness there, this wasn't just her kind taking a stand. This was personal.
Just what did you do old man?

The End

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