UGI - Chapter fourMature

Chapter Four (part one)

Gamma managed to convince Danny to let him at least go upstairs. This was the only room on the ground floor that looked like the levels below. But Gamma wasn't interested in sitting here, he went up the small spiral stairs and looked at the fields and lake from a higher angle. He reached out to touch the glass and felt the last of the setting suns rays warm his face. This was one of the few places he could go to and be left alone.

Everyone else could leave, go to their own homes in the outside world. No one but him held a great desire to just stare. To take in a world they no doubt took for granted. He fisted his hands and gritted his teeth together. When he was younger he'd barely cared. He just spent his time annoying Dick or listening to Danny tell him about the world. Back then he'd just been fascinated. The problem with those questions was that the answers created a longing. He lightly punched the glass and went down the stairs and to the lifts. I'll never see more than a picturesque view.

He pressed the button for the last floor and leaned back against the bar, tipping his head back so he was looking at the ceiling. But the lift lurched to a stop a lot sooner than usual. He glanced at the door in surprise and saw a similar look mirrored in Danny's eyes.
“We'll get the next one,” Danny said, but the girl had already stormed in, not bothering to listening. Gamma blinked as he realised it was the same girl he'd seen on the computer screen.

Her skin wasn't flawless, but it still looked nice, lightly tanned. She had a small, slightly upturned nose. Her cheeks were slightly red, based on how her eyes were narrowed it was because she was angry. Danny stood in front of them, shifting uncomfortably, he shared a look with Gamma that he couldn't decipher.

He went back to studying her, she was thin, but not horribly so and her body was nicely built. Her hair wasn't as straight as he'd initially believed, there was a slight wave to it when it hit her shoulders. But her eyes, that stormy shade, he'd had that right off the bat.
“Can I help you?” she asked, her voice thin with a barely withheld temper. She turned to meet his eyes head-on. Gamma felt his cheeks burn and turned away.
“Sorry,” he mumbled under his breath. He felt her eyes linger on him and wondered if it was his turn to be examined. He'd never been that self-conscious about his appearance before. But now he couldn't help counting his many faults. He was too tall, his hair was uncontrollably, spiking out at awkward angles. Not to mention the weird mix of black and white strands. His skin had always been sickly pale. What else did you expect from someone who'd never spent a day outside?

“What's your name?” she asked, her voice softer, almost tentative. Gamma looked up at her in surprise. Did she feel bad for how she'd acted?
“Gamma,” he said, pushing his hands as deep into his jeans pockets as he could to hide the fact that they were shaking a little.
“Weird name,” she commented, a smile creeping onto her face. Gamma felt his breathing go a little mad at the sight of it. She'd looked cute earlier in a angry hot chick way but now. She's beautiful.
“Thanks,” he finally said, gulping and yelling at himself not to do something dumb.
“I'm Andrea,” she said, holding out a hand. Shit.
“We're here!” Danny yelled. Gamma gave a silent sigh of relief. Andrea followed Danny through the door.

“Maybe I'll see you round here sometime?” she asked, turning so she was walking backwards. Gamma wanted to say yes, so badly the word almost left his lips without thought.
“I don't come here often,” he replied and saw her face droop a little.
“Oh, well nice to meet you, Gamma,” she said with a wave that followed her around the corner. The moment the lift doors shut Gamma let out a huge breath and slammed a fist against the lift wall behind him. Too close. At least I didn't stutter.


The End

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