UGI - Chapter Two cont.Mature

Chapter Two (Part Two)

“Yes, but Richard isn't planning to explain and introduce you for a while,” Danny said, a warning tone evident. Gamma's face split into a grin and Danny groaned.
“Gamma-” Danny began.
“What?” Gamma asked standing up, acting oblivious.
“Don't try to find them and mess things up,” Danny warned. Gamma mocked offence and crossed his arms.
“I wouldn't mess things up. Besides, I can explain myself just fine.” Gamma jumped back to the platform and out the far door before Danny could get out anything more articulate than groans of annoyance.

He didn't get very far. Security burst into the corridor, wearing the regulation gear they always wore, plus hazmat suits to deal with him.
“Screw you Danny,” Gamma shouted as security hauled him back to his room, hoping Danny heard it over the surveillance system.
“Nice seeing you again Stu,” Gamma threw over his shoulder. The lead security guy waved him off with a smile. At least one of them was easygoing. Gamma flopped onto his bed in annoyance and glared up at his ceiling. Unfortunately he could get anywhere from anywhere in this place. Apart from his bedroom, Dick had made sure he could be trapped here. The computer dinged and Gamma gave it a glance.

He sighed, looked like what was going to be an exciting day is nothing more than the usual. He played some first person shooter game because an online friend asked him too. Not really engaging in the conversations going on. He had no clue what Doctor Who was. Though if he asked Danny or Dick, he'd properly get given all the series. That was how things worked. His internet access was limited to online gaming. God forbid he tell the world about his existence. His private chat beeped.

Did you get the radio thing today at school?
So that's how they did it.
Home schooled, remember?
Oh yeah, forgot

RadzTom89 didn't speak again so Gamma went back to killing random things. When he got bored of that he went back to his bed to try to sleep. He wondered about the girl again. Somewhere, that girl was here. Of course he'd been joking around when he had called her cute. He'd barely glanced at her when he said it. Not that he had a lot to compare her to. The only women here were strict scientist-types. Apart from Angie, who Danny was trying and failing to get with. Danny - smartest guy alive, but stutters around anything female.

Would I stutter? He'd never considered ever meeting a girl his own age. He'd always been told his life would be in this compound. Seeing the sunlight through bullet proof windows and breathing the same recycled air. Through it went through a filter. It was a precaution since he was here.
The half-human, half-thing Dick created. And why did he do it? Because he could. Gamma punched a pillow and managed a fitful sleep.


The End

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