UGI - Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two ( Part One)

“She's cute.”
“Go away Gamma.” A grin cracked across the young man's face. He'd only spoken two words and pissed off the stuffy old man. Today's wardrobe was a dark blue suit, no doubt with silk lining or some other overly extortionate accessory.
“Wat'cha doing?” he asked, sliding between the railing he'd been hiding behind to the main floor. This was the area that only Danny or Dick entered. Gamma refused to call stuffy pants Richard, it was too fun to miss an opportunity to annoy the guy. Before him stood an array of computers and filing cabinets that had been haphazardly put about the place. That was a new thing. Behind him was the railed raised platform he'd just been on. Gamma had learnt the layout of this place growing up, and though he could choose new ways of entering every area. He liked being able to lurk in the same place. Meant he could gain surprise if he ever actually needed it.

“None of your business,” Dick said as Danny opened his mouth. Danny would've probably phrased it nicer.
“Aww, are you still mad about our last conversation?” Gamma asked, mocking hurt as he randomly opened a drawer in curiosity. Dust greeted him, making him cough and cough.
“Shit Gamma, that's old crap,” Danny yelled quickly grabbing something from his desk drawers and ran over, his lab coat whipping behind him as he moved. Gamma held his hand out for the inhaler which Danny threw across the short distance. He breathed it maybe five times before the spasms of pain stopped. He slumped into a heap on the floor and threw the inhaler back with the lid on.
“It's getting empty,” Gamma commented, his voice coming out hoarse.
“Then maybe you should stop doing dumb things,” Dick retorted. He took the inhaler anyway. Wasn't like a new prescription cost him anything. The moment the door closed Gamma hauled himself up and grabbed a free desk chair and rolled closer. Careful to keep a safe distance from Danny as he did.

“So who's the girl?” Gamma asked.
“One of the subjects from UGI,” Danny asked. Gamma didn't need to ask for a deeper explanation. He'd hacked the systems long ago to figure it all out.
“I thought that was killed?” He asked because it was expected, despite having found plenty evidence it still existed.
“It was meant to be. Your father refused to get rid of the files though,” Danny replied. Gamma grimaced and sent Danny a side-ways glare.
“Don't call him that,” he muttered. Danny studied him but didn't comment. The girl before them had long, straight brown hair. The highlights made it look like milk chocolate. Her eyes were a stormy grey and her skin flawless. Though that could be blamed on computer graphics. Her smile in the photo looked carefree, and like she was about to start laughing.
“You becoming a stalker Danny?” Gamma teased and Danny rolled his eyes.

“No, Richard wanted an idea of the kids we were bringing in before going to meet them and explain everything,” Danny explained. Gamma's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open a little.
“You mean he's actually doing it?” Gamma asked, all sense of humour gone from his voice. Danny studied him again in that half-exhausted way.
“What else is he going to do, Gamma? You refused to help and this is our only alternative,” Danny replied. Gamma made sure his face was unreadable as he contemplated just what the old man was doing. Getting innocent humans involved wasn't something Gamma was particularly comfortable with. But at the same time, if they were being involved. That would mean …
“Are the others here?” Gamma asked, turning to meet Danny's gaze. He seemed to consider his answer before giving it.

The End

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